Project : Feather Dream Catcher by Rin Dawson

Dailylike Feather Dream Catcher by Papered Thoughts

Is there anything lovelier than pretty florals mixed with paper feathers and tied together with a little bit of neon pink? I think not. Oh and did I mention dream catchers? Because they’re pretty lovely too. Hello! I’m Rin the creative mess behind Papered Thoughts & I’ve created this pretty little tutorial just for you!

Dailylike Dream Catcher by Papered Thoughts

Skill Level
Beginner.  Child friendly!

You’ll Need
1 x set of Fabric Stickers. I’ve used Haze but there are so many other pretty choices in the range.
1 x small ball of wool
5 x A4 sheets of Kraft cardboard.
1 x 30cm square of thick board.  I used an old box.
Masking tape
Double-sided tape

Once you’ve got all the materials, you’re all set!

First you’ll need to trace a circle onto your thick cardboard box card – I used a small dinner plate (about 23cm in diameter) Cut out the circle & then cut out the middle – leaving a thin circle outline (approximately 1.5cm thick) This will form the base of your dream catcher.

Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 1

This next step will take a little time, however I found it so therapeutic – turn on the TV, some music or an audio book & snuggle up somewhere comfy. You’ll need your circle, wool & double sided tape. Begin by placing the tape at intervals around the circle (on both sides) – now we’re going to wrap! Start over some double sided tape – wrapping the wool tight & close around the circle. The double sided tape will ensure that it doesn’t unravel.

Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 2

Once you’re all wrapped up (pun-riffic!) leave a long enough piece of string to loop and tie off – so you can hang it later.

Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 3

Next – those pretty feathers! The greatest thing I’ve found by far about the Dailylike Fabric Stickers is the fact that you can write, draw and sketch on the back. Making it so easy to cut the shapes you want! I used fabric stickers in Haze and drew out my feathers in a few different sizes on the back of each sheet of fabric sticker. I used 7 feathers in my design – 4 large and 3 small.  They were drawn free-hand so they’re all a bit different. If you’re not confident though they’re are tons of templates on Pinterest, just search for ‘feather template’ on Pinterest or Google.

Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 4

Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 5

After you’ve cut out each feather you’ll need to stick them to the A4 kraft card and cut them out again. If your feathers get a bit fiddly try using a smaller sharper pair of scissors.

Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 6

Once you have all your feathers cut – stuck and cut, take a moment to marvel at their pretty! and then it’s time to have a play around with positioning and the design of your dream catcher.

Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 7

Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 8

Once you’re happy with the position of each of your feathers, we need to attach the wool to them so they’re ready to hang. Use a strip of double sided tape down the centre of each feather to secure the wool to the back. I taped each piece of wool down with a little bit of washi too – just in case.  Dailylike have a great range of coloured and patterned masking tapes that you can use!

Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 9

To tie each feather on I laid my dream catcher out on the floor and positioned the feathers, tying a simple knot around the base of the circle – double knotting & trimming off the tail. Just make sure when you tie them that the knot is at the back!

Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 10

Now all that’s left to do is to hang your pretty creation (with washi tape of course!) and enjoy sweet sweet dreams! xo

Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 11

This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Rin Dawson of Papered Thoughts.

Project : Cotton Tail Bunnies by Sam Dunne

Dailylike Cotton Tail Bunnies by Dunne with Style

For me Easter is all about family and the magic of the Easter bunny for the kids. So I wanted to create something simple enough that the kids could have a go at, but cute enough for the adults to enjoy them too! The Cotton Tail Bunnies Easter boxes make a great gifts or egg hunt boxes and the matching bunting will be the perfect backdrop to your family’s Easter table.

Skill level
Beginner. Child friendly!

:: Bunny Easter Boxes ::

1 x Fabric Stickers – Alley
1 x Small Gift Boxes – Floweret
1 x Twine Bobbin – Beige
Bunny template
Glue or double-sided tape

Dailylike Easter Bunny Box Materials 1


Cut out your bunny from the fabric sticker sheet. You can draw your own bunny design or use this template.


To create the bunnie’s cotton tail, take a piece of twine (about the length of your fork) and drape in through the prongs of your fork vertically.  Wrap the twine around the fork until a thick bunch forms (I wrapped about 50 times).  Take the twine that you draped through the fork and wrap it around the bunch you have created and tie off in a knot.  Pull the bunch of twine off your fork.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Box Step 2

Cut across where the loops of twine have been created on both sides. Fluff up your pom and trim as required.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Box Step 3

Attach your Cotton Tail Pom to your bunny with glue or double sided tape.

Peel the backing off your bunny sticker and affix to the gift box.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Box by Dunne with Style

:: Easter Bunting ::

1 x Fabric Sticker – Alley
1 x Twine Bobbin – Beige
1 x Bias Tape – Alley
Bunny template
Coloured paper / book sheets
Glue or double-sided tape

Dailylike Easter Bunny Box Materials 2

Cut your bunnies from the fabric sticker sheets.  Make and attach their cotton tails (see instructions above).

Cut pennant shaped flags from paper (I used vintage dictionary sheets – but you could also use coloured paper or Dailylike collecting papers) by cutting a triangle out of the bottom of a rectangle.

Peel the backing of your bunny sticker and affix to pennant flag.

Dailylike Easter Bunting Step 1

Sew the flags together using the bias tape.

Dailylike Easter Bunting Step 2

Dailylike Easter Bunting

This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Sam Dunne of Dunne with Style.

Project : Easter Bunny Costume by Lisa Tilse

Easter Bunny Costume by Lisa Tilse of The Red Thread

It’s so sweet to see little children hopping around pretending to be bunnies at Easter. Amp up the cute factor with a bunny ear headband, matching fluffy tail and a little bag that’s perfect for an Easter egg hunt.

Dailylike Easter Costume by The Red Thread

Dailylike Easter Bunny Ears and Tail by The Red Thread

You’ll need:
1 x Quarter Fabric Pack : Wildflower
1 x Bias Tape Roll : Wildflower Green
1 x Bias Tape Roll : Wildflower Lilac
1 x Bias Tape Bobbin : Petit Yellow
1 x Headband
Pipe cleaners – white or a pale colour
Tape measure or ruler
Needle and thread
Fabric glue, super glue or a hot glue gun (optional)
Sewing machine

Dailylike Easter Bunny Costume Materials

Skill level:
Beginner to intermediate

And here are the instructions…

1. Floral Bunny Ear Headband

Dailylike Easter Bunny headband by The Red Thread

I used 4 x 15cm pipe cleaners. You could also use 2 x 30cm pipe cleaners folded in half.
Join two pipe cleaners together by folding the ends over each other to form a point. Repeat with the other two.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Costume - Step 1

Cut 2 x 40cm pieces from the Petit Yellow Bias Tape. Open up the bias tape and place the pipe cleaner inside, about 5cm from the end of the tape.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Costume - Step 2

Fold the tape over the pipe cleaner. Thread your needle and starting with a double stitch sew the bias tape closed around the pipe cleaner using whip stitch. Pass the needle through both layers of fabric (from right to left), then bring the needle back over the top of the fabric (from left to right). Repeat, working your way around the pipe cleaner with small stitches.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Costume - Step 3

When you reach the end leave the needle and sewing thread attached. Reshape the ear and lay it over the headband with the extra bias tape hanging below. Cross over the ends of the bias tape as shown.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Costume - Step 4

Wrap the bias tape ends around the headband and over each other until all the tape is wrapped. Sew the ends to the wrapped section. Finish with a double knot.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Costume - Step 5

Repeat to make the second ear.
Wrap the headband with the Wildflower Lilac Bias Tape.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Costume - Step 6

Cut the end of the tape on an angle and place it under the end of the headband as shown. Fold the end up and over the headband and secure with a dot of glue, or just hold in place.

Fold the right hand side in and over the headband. Hold it in place as you begin to wind the tape over the top. The tape should be on an angle so it will wind up the headband.

Continue to wind the tape firmly around the headband, holding it in place as you work your way up and around. When you get to the end leave about 4cm and cut the tape at an angle. Fold the bottom up, then fold the side over, and secure in place with small stitches.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Costume - Step 7

Make the fabric flowers.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Costume - Step 8

Wrap the Wildflower Lilac Bias Tape around your fingers about six times. Remove the tape from your hand and cut through both ends, leaving you with strips of fabric. Cut the strips in half lengthways to make thinner strips. Lay them all right side up.

Fan the strips out and stitch a few times through the centre of all the layers to secure them together. Finish with the thread at the back, but don’t cut it off. Pinch the centre back of the strips to form a flower. Wrap the needle and thread around the pinched section two or three times then stitch back and forth through all the layers a few times.

Using the same thread sew the flower onto the right hand side base of the right ear. Finish off with a double stitch.

Use the Wildflower Green Bias Tape to make another set of strips. While the strips are still in a pile cut the ends to a point. Repeat the process above to make the flower, then secure it to the left of the lilac flower.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Costume - Step 9

2. Bunny Tail

Dailylike Easter Bunny tail by The Red Thread

Use the Wildflower Green Bias Tape to make the tail. First cut a waist tie measuring 150cm. Cut the ends on a diagonal and set it aside.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Costume - Step 10

Wind the remaining Wildflower Green Bias Tape around your spread fingers. As you wind allow the tape to fold and overlap at different angles.

Slide the tape off your hand and tie a 20cm piece of the Petit Yellow Bias Tape tightly around the middle of the bundle in a double knot. Pass the scissors through the folded end of the bundle and cut. Repeat on the other end. Turn the bundle over so the knot is underneath and separate the strips of fabric and fluff the pom pom out.

Turn the pom pom over again so the knot is facing up. Take the waist tie piece and fold it in half to find the centre point. Place the waist tie across the pom pom so that it’s centred on it. Tie the Petit Yellow Bias Tape around the waist tie with a double knot and trim off the ends if necessary.

3. Easter Goodie Bag

Dailylike Easter Bunny bag by The Red Thread

Cut the fabric:
2 x pieces of quarter fabric in Wildflower – Flower Bed (found in the Wildflower Quarter Fabric Pack) cut to size 24 x 14cm.
2 x pieces of quarter fabric in Wildflower – Wreath (found in the Wildflower Quarter Fabric Pack) cut to size 24 x 14cm.
2 x pieces of Petit Yellow Bias Tape 54cm.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Costume - Step 11

Place one piece of each fabric right sides together and sew the long sides together with a quarter inch seam. Open out and press the seam flat towards the Flower Bed fabric.  Flower Bed is the yellow and lilac floral pattern fabric.

With the wrong side facing up, fold the top edge over by a quarter inch and press flat. Now fold the top edge down until it covers the seam. Press and pin in place. Turn the fabric panel over and with right side facing up top sew an eighth of an inch below the seam.

Repeat with the remaining two pieces of fabric.

Attach the handles

Dailylike Easter Bunny Costume - Step 12

Lay the front and back bag panels right side up. Find the centre of the panels and mark with a pin. Take the two pieces of Petit Yellow Bias Tape and pin them in place as shown.

Sew along the centre of the entire length of each piece of bias tape.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Costume - Step 13

Assemble the bag

Fold the bag over so the front and back panels align and the right sides are facing out.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Costume - Step 14

Sew an eighth of an inch seam around the sides and base.

Turn the bag inside out and sew around the sides and base. This is a French seam that will enclose the raw edges. Turn the bag the right way out and you’re finished.

Dailylike Easter Bag by The Red Thread

Watch a little one’s face light up in delight as you give them their sweet Easter dress up. Grab a hand and go on an Easter egg hunt!

Dailylike Easter Costume by The Red Thread

Dailylike Easter Costume by The Red Thread

This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Lisa Tilse of The Red Thread.

Project : Mad Hatter Easter Bonnet by Magdalena Franco

Dailylike No Sew Mad Hatter Easter Bonnet by Craft Revival

So your kid’s annual Easter Bonnet Parade is coming up and you can’t sew?  Don’t panic!  We’ve got it sorted with this quirky no-sew Mad Hatter Easter Bonnet brought to you by the crafty Magdalena of The Craft Revival.  You can even let the kiddies help out with the decorating.  We think you’ll love it!

You’ll need:
1 x Collecting Paper – Childhood 
1 x Fabric Buttons – Alley
1 x Lace Trim
Cardboard (poster board or empty cereal boxes)
Newspaper / scrap paper (for paper mache)
Bone folder / scorer
Craft glue / hot glue gun / glue stick
Sticky tape

Skill level:

And here are the instructions…

Draw a rectangle on a piece of cardboard with the following measurements: length (head circumference) x height (40cm) and cut it out.

Draw a horizontal line parallel and 5cm from the top of your rectangle. Repeat with another line 5cm and parallel from the bottom of your rectangle. Repeat again with another line parallel and halfway between the top and bottom lines. Now using your ruler as a guide, draw lines vertically down the rectangle starting from the left and spacing the lines about 4-5 cm apart. See the diagram below.

Dailylike Mad Hatters Easter Bonnet Diagram A

Score along the horizontal top and bottom lines with a bone folder or an old pen. This will create indentations which you’re going to fold along later.

Cut along the vertical lines between the top of the rectangle and the horizontal halfway line, and also the vertical lines between the bottom of the rectangle and the score line along the bottom. See the diagram below.

Dailylike Mad Hatters Easter Bonnet Diagram B

mad hatter easter bonnet - cutting

Then tape the two short ends of your piece of cardboard together so that they join up making a cylinder.

On another piece of cardboard you’re going to draw two circles, one larger than the other to form a ring-shape which will become the brim of your hat. Work out the diameter of the inner circle using the circumference measurement you took earlier (use an online calculator to help you do this).

The larger circle should be 5-10cm bigger than the smaller circle, depending on how small or big your subject’s head is. Using a protractor, or if you don’t have one a small plate or a saucepan lid, draw the larger circle onto a piece of cardboard, then centre the smaller circle within it. Repeat another small and large circle onto another piece of cardboard as you will need matching cardboard rings for your brim. Cut them both out so that you’re left with two rings.

Take one of your brim pieces and slip it over the body of the hat (the cylinder) so that it’s sitting just above the bottom score line of tabs. Bend all of your scored tabs up and using a hot glue gun or a glue stick, you’re going to attach the tabs to the ring one by one until they’re all attached. When the glue has set, you need to glue the other piece of brim to the bottom so that your tabs are sandwiched between the two brim pieces. This will give you a cleaner finish.

At this point you should try the hat onto your subject to make sure that it fits. You can manipulate the brim a little to curl it up at the sides while it’s on.

Draw a circle that’s larger than the smaller circle you used (for the inside of the brim) on another piece of cardboard and cut it out. Repeat to give you another matching sized circle. This is going to form the top of the hat. Bend the tabs at the top of the body of the hat in towards the centre. Insert one of the circles which you’ve just cut under the tabs and using a hot glue gun or a glue stick, attach the tabs one by one to the circle top. Once glue has set, attach the second circle to the top, sandwiching (and hiding) the tabs between the two circles. Set aside until glue has set.

mad hatter easter bonnet - body of hat and tabs

Now you can begin to apply paper mache to the hat by mixing craft glue with water at a ratio of 2:1 and applying strips of newspaper or other scrap paper to the hat to cover up the gaps between the tabs and ensure a sturdier base to work with. Make sure to let the hat dry between applying layers of paper mache. Depending on the type of paper you use, you should only need to apply a couple of layers.

mad hatter easter bonnet - paper mache

Once dry, you’re ready to start decorating your hat with the final layer, for this hat I have used the Collecting Paper set in the Childhood design. I chose to create a scrap quilt look by cutting squares in varying sizes from different patterned paper. Start at the base of the body near the brim and apply your paper squares by brushing on glue and ensuring you slightly overlap each square. Continue doing this until you reach the top of the hat. Any squares of paper which are going to wrap up and over the top of the hat, should have slits cut into the top side of the paper so that when they’re glued down they will hug the body of the hat rather than warping and bubbling.

Continue attaching squares until you have covered the entire outside of the hat as well as the under-side of the brim. Trim any excess paper neatly around the inside of the brim.

Use two strips of contrasting patterned paper glued end to end to create a ribbon around the base of the hat.

mad hatter easter bonnet - paper ribbon

Then using the lace, attach it to the top and bottom of your paper ribbon with a hot glue gun. This will hide any imperfections in the paper ribbon and add another interesting element.

mad hatter easter bonnet - lace

Attach the buttons using hot glue. You can also add any other embellishments such as fake flowers, origami ribbons or anything else.

mad hatter easter bonnet close-up

And ta-da! You’re done!

Dailylike mad hatter easter bonnet - main

This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Magdalena Franco of The Craft Revival.

Q & A with the Dailylike Design Team

As the launch of our new Design Team Series creeps closer and closer, we thought this would be an excellent time to get to know our new Design Team members. So friends, if you’re keen to find out a little more about these talented peeps, read on…

Magdalena FrancoIn no particular order, let’s introduce our first Design Team member – Magdalena Franco. Magdalena has the kick-ass blog The Craft Revival, is all about living creatively and is also busy launching a new hands-on craft series called Unleash Creative.

The Craft Revival

What is your favourite part about crafting?
Oh my gosh, there are so many things that I love about crafting. The endless possibilities, the opportunity to create something from scratch, the ability to use different materials, the fact that it’s one of a kind. My list could go on. But I think my favourite part would have to be the natural calming effect which crafting has on me. It’s my own stress reliever and allows me to clear my mind and get happy!

What is your first childhood memory of getting crafty?
When I was in early primary school, I started my very first scrapbook. I asked my mother to buy me one of those cheap art scrapbooks, the ones you used at school. I stuck various things into it such as photos, certificates, memorabilia, tickets and coins. I still have the scrapbook to this day and I love looking through it. I was a scrapbooker before scrapbooking was a “thing”.

How would you describe your crafting style?
I’m not sure if I have a style as such, but I’d definitely say that I create fun, colourful and inventive things. I really like to look at everyday objects or supplies and invent a new or interesting way to use them. I like repurposing things destined for the bin too. So my craft cupboard is full of old chocolate & tea boxes, used envelopes, string, clothing tags and other weird and wonderful things. I’m sure I’ll get around to using them all one day!

Where would we likely find you in your downtime?
At my dining table, writing letters to my pen pals. I like to create my own stationery by collaging, using watercolours and doodling. I cut up old children’s picture books and magazines and use the images and quotes from them to create some interesting letterhead and envelopes.

What is the most inspiring quote you’ve heard?
“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become” – Buddha.

What’s next? Any exciting plans in the pipeline for 2014 and beyond?
I’m currently working on sharing the craft skills of many skilled makers and creators through a series of events taking place in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane called Unleash Creative. I’m not personally teaching any workshops, but I hope to be able to share my skills one day. Until then, I will remain as the person behind the craft curtains making all these wonderfully inspiring events possible.

If you want to see more from this crafty lady, you can get your fill here via Magdalena’s blog, Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Lisa TilseOur second Design Team member is the talented Lisa Tilse. Lisa is the genius behind the blog The Red Thread and face behind the new online magazine SCOUT. If you haven’t seen this publication yet – it’s a must-read.

The Red Thread

What is your favourite part about crafting?
All of it! I love all forms of crafting and everything it entails. Creating with my hands is like breathing to me – I honestly couldn’t live without it. I enjoy trying new things and putting a fresh spin on ‘old’ crafts. I’m endlessly inspired, I just wish that I had more time in my day.

What is your first childhood memory of getting crafty?
I can’t remember NOT being crafty. My mum encouraged my creativity and at a very young age I began collecting anything and everything I could lay my hands on to use for craft. I never let mum throw out paper bags, bits of string, wrapping paper, toilet rolls, boxes, or anything else that could be craft fodder. She taught me how to knit and sew and had endless patience to sit with me when I was crafting. So I guess my favourite early craft memories are all around my lovely mum.

How would you describe your crafting style?
Non-discriminatory (I never met a craft that I didn’t like), frantic and meditative in equal measures, perfectionist, exploratory, obsessive, but most of all contemporary: I love that I can combine my background in design with my craft.

Where would we likely find you in your downtime?
Crafting! …I’m only half kidding. Hanging out with my 10 year old daughter, making things together, seeing friends, riding our bikes, visiting galleries, reading on our verandah, or eating gelato.

What is the most inspiring quote you’ve heard?
I love the Chinese quote “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.  So often we are paralysed by the enormity of our goals and dreams, or when we compare ourselves to others. All we need to do is take the first step, and then the next. Reaching a goal is about thinking positively, trusting in ourselves, and moving in the direction of our dreams one step at a time.

What’s next? Any exciting plans in the pipeline for 2014 and beyond?
I always have too many plans! I launched my digital magazine SCOUT recently and I’m super keen to work on issue two and to see how I can evolve and expand the magazine and it’s reach. I want to get back into creating more one-off pieces – I’m into weaving vessels and wall hangings at the moment – and my plan is to sell these one of a kind pieces. All the fun goes out of creating when I feel like I’m on a production line, so one of a kind is the way to go. I have a few other projects in the pipeline, but I don’t want to spill the beans just yet!

Lisa is such an inspiration to us here at Dailylike and we’re soo excited to have her on board. If you’re looking for more creative tutorials to dabble in, check out Lisa’s blog here. You can also find The Red Thread on Facebook  and Instagram.

Rin DawsonNext we have the lovely Rin Dawson from Papered Thoughts. A self-proclaimed creative daydreamer, Rin is on a quest to send love all around the world – pushing for a revival of paper post and a snail mail revolution. Creating the prettiest packages we ever have seen, we can’t wait to see what this master of washi tape comes up with.

Papered Thoughts

What is your favourite part about crafting?
My favourite creative pursuit is my love letters – it’s really all about making people happy. There is nothing better than colour & light & happy in your letter box after a rubbish day – and the idea that I can make someone’s day a little bit better from half a world away is pretty fantastical. It seriously is good for the soul – all the patterns & colour & typography & textures spread out in front of you.  How can you not be happy!?

What is your favourite childhood memory of getting crafty?
Oh my Gosh, My Beautiful Mum spent every waking moment with my little sister and I creating and crafting. From finger painting, to chalk drawing in the driveway and all the cutting, gluing, sticking & scribbling in between, there are so many good memories, but one that sticks in my mind is spending hours sorting Mum’s hundreds and hundreds of buttons with my little sister while Mum sewed. Still to this day I find sorting and organising my supplies very therapeutic.

How would you describe your crafting style?
An Explosion of Colour, Patterns, Confetti & Typography all tied together with a lot of light, love & positivity!

Where would we likely find you in your downtime?
Sitting in a pretty, hole in the wall Café, with a cup of peppermint tea, people watching, writing love letters or reading my favourite book.

Who is your biggest idol or what is the best piece of advice you have received?
Pretty much the best decision I’ve ever made for my creative career was to hang around in Little Paper Lane for hours on end way back in 2010. I basically stalked Jayde (one part of the amazing husband-wife team/owners) until she became my creative mentor & friend. She’s taught me a lot about the creative-business world and has given me a bunch of fabulous advice. The best one? “Don’t ever undervalue yourself or your product – or everyone else will too.”

What’s next? Any exciting plans in the pipeline for 2014 and beyond?
Oh so many! This year has been HUGE for paperedthoughts with so many creative opportunities! I was lucky enough to be asked to be a creative mentor for Unleash Creative in Sydney on May 5th & I have a very exciting (but still secret) collaboration with rad graphic designer Steve from Little Paper Lane, coming soon!

To follow Rin’s paper adventures you can find her on Instagram or search for a pen pal on her comprehensive website directory.

Sam DunneLast, but definitely not least, we have stylist Sam Dunne from Dunne with Style rounding out our team of talented creatives. Sam is on-board to inject a little bit of Dailylike goodness into your daily life as well as to give some inspiration when it comes to celebrating life’s special occasions.

Dunne with Style

What is your favourite part about crafting?
I don’t think you can describe the little bit of joy that comes from creating a finished product from a bunch of craft supplies – whether it be a scarf that starts as a single ball of wool, or a flower from a piece of paper, watching a handmade product evolve and grow is almost magical. My favourite part about crafting though is sharing it – there is nothing better than gifting a handmade gift or sharing the skills of a craft with someone. Creativity connects people through a mutual enjoyment of that little bit of magic.

What is your favourite childhood memory of getting crafty?
I remember my Nana teaching me how to sew; we would make calico dolls together and she would say over and over ‘be careful you don’t stitch your doll to your dress’ as I sat there slowly stitching on my lap and regardless of how many times she told me she still sat patiently unpicking my doll when I managed to catch my dress in my stitches (which was often!)

How would you describe your crafting style?
The opposite of minimalistic!

Where would we likely find you in your downtime?
Embracing the sand and sunshine at the beach or pushing my babies on the swing at the park.

What is the most inspiring quote you’ve heard?
What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

What’s next? Any exciting plans in the pipeline for 2014 and beyond?
2014 has brought a lot of new creative avenues for me already with the release of my first range of products into DIY kits and the launch of The Creative Exchange program. So next will see the growth of products available in a kit format, and the expansion of The Creative Exchange to share the creative enjoyment that it has brought with more creatives.

You can see more of Sam’s wonderful work on her website or through her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

We look forward to bringing your exciting projects with these amazing ladies!

The Big Reveal. Introducing the new Dailylike Design Team!

If you haven’t heard, starting this week we will be bringing you a host of projects through the new Dailylike Design Series. It will be a colourful journey designed to squeeze some Dailylike goodness into your life and will be brought to you by some seriously crafty genuises.

It all started with a call-out to our Dailylike community to announce we were looking for some like-minded, super creative people to join our DIY design team. To say we were overwhelmed by the response would be an understatement! We were soo chuffed that so many talented people wanted to be apart of our little team. With only 4 spots up for grab, we think we’ve done a pretty good job of bringing to you a well- rounded, diverse selection of people with skills in the likes of sewing, paper crafts and styling.

The time has now come to reveal our brand spanking new Dailylike Design Team members. Hooray!

Magdalena Franco Lisa Tilse Rin Dawson Sam Dunne

Hopefully you’re as excited as we are. If you’re still wondering ‘what does this all mean for me reading this at home’? It means that every week you can expect to find a new project on our blog brought to you by one of our fabulous contributors. Included with each post will be step-by-step instructions so you can re-create these gems in the comfort of your own home. No big budgets and expert skills required. Just make sure you follow us on Facebook or Instagram  to make sure you don’t miss out of any of these awesome projects. Easy peasy.

So sharpen your scissors folks because these projects are going to knock your socks off and we know you’ll be itching to start. Join us in raising your scissors/needles/glue or whatever your tool of choice is, to the many creative adventures to come!