10 Ideas for Back to School Projects

This week we’re sharing DIY ideas for “Back to School” to help you get the kids ready for the new school year ahead. So let’s get started…

1. We’re in love with this cute drink bottle holder. It has a nifty little handle which makes it easy to carry around, so it looks pretty and it’s practical – win win! This was made with our Alley Rabbit laminated fabric.

Dailylike Drink Bottle Holder DIY Project with Laminated Fabric

2. If you can’t decide on just one pretty fabric, here’s another great idea for your drink bottles. Made with our adorable Voyage quarter fabric set with hot air balloons and stars.

Dailylike Drink Bottle Holder DIY Project with Cotton Fabric

3. New school year = new books to decorate! You can make your own fabric covered books with our adhesive fabric stickers. This adds a lovely tactile touch to your books and they will be even lovelier to look at!

Dailylike : Creative Ways to Decorate your Books

4. Bookmarks are an easy project that kids can create with you. Use fabric tape or washi tape for quick clean craft time – no messy glues! This was made with our Puzzle washi tape which features sweet hand drawn letters.

Dailylike Washi Tape Alphabet Puzzle Bookmark DIY

5. Fancy a bit of sewing? Why not give this Colour My World pencil case a go? We just love the bunny rabbit lining inside! (or you could choose the polar bear design which is just as fun!)

Tied With A Ribbon Colour My World Pencil Case with Dailylike Fabric

6. Make lunch time exciting with an awesome lunch sack! We love this cutie created by Blossom and Cat with our Wildflower laminated fabric and Seed bias tape for tickle the imagination magazine. You’ll find the step-by-step project in Issue 21.

DIY Lunch Sack with Laminated Fabric by Blossom and Cat

7. Want to make your books pretty but haven’t got much time? You can decorate the spine for a quick crafty fix! Here we have used a mix of fabric stickers and washi tape.

Dailylike : Creative Ways to Decorate your Books

8. Whip up a handy drawstring bag for swimming gear, library books, sports shoes, change of clothes, or maybe make a mini version for pocket money or hair ties. This one was made with our Starry laminated fabric.

Drawstring Bag with Starry Laminated Fabric

9. You can create a central focal point for reminders and important notices with some custom pinboards. These ones feature our Cloud fabric sticker set to make them a little playful.

Dailylike DIY Cloud Pinboards with Fabric Stickers

10. For something a bit different we created this fun countdown frame when my niece started school last year. It’s a creative way to bring on the new school year and it’s reusable so you can countdown to birthdays, concerts, holidays, sleepovers, everything! The free printable and instructions are on our blog over here.

Dailylike Countdown Frame DIY Project

So hopefully we have given you a few ideas to play with!

Kids Christmas Activity Set

I always loved activity books as a kid so I created this cute Activity Set project for Better Homes and Gardens to entertain the kids on Christmas Day!

Dailylike Christmas Activity Set DIY Project

The project uses fabric and trims from our Christmas Sewing Sets and I made a mini activity book that you can print at home.

Dailylike Christmas Activity Set DIY Project

The activities include drawing and word games around the Christmas theme, plus some colouring and tic-tac-ho!

This makes a special treat for Christmas day.  I hope you give this project a go!

You can click here to download the free project sheet and printable activity book from the BHG Shop website.

Sarah xx

Easy Christmas Cards made with Washi Tape

Wondering what to do with your ever-growing collection of washi tapes? Here’s a cute project I created for Better Homes and Gardens to show how quick and easy it is to use washi tape to make something wonderful!

Easy Christmas Cards made with Washi Tape by Dailylike

Using a great mix of Christmas themed washi tapes, these DIY cards are simple enough for the kids to join in (which means novice crafters can do it too!).

You’ll find the project on the BHG Shop website. Click here to download the free project sheet and printable template. Have fun making!

Sarah xx

PS. The washi tape designs featured in this project are: Aileen, Amuze, Dot Silver, Love Gold, Martha, Scarlet, Starry Gold and Winter Green.

Make it : Fabric Chandelier

Happy Friday! Today we thought we’d share a quick and easy DIY project for the weekend, this gorgeous fabric chandelier!

DIY Fabric Chandelier by Dailylike

Here’s how it’s done: Gather your favourite fabrics and cut (or tear) them into long strips. Start tying them around a mini hoop at different lengths, and mixing up the patterns, until you make it all the way around. Attach some fishing line or twine to hang the chandelier and you’re done!

We think these fabric chandeliers would make fabulous party decor or a lovely addition to your little one’s bedroom. They have a wonderful whimsical feel to them.

This example uses the divine Leaves fabric but we think it would look just as amazing with any of our pretty quarter fabric packs. Happy making!

Dunne with Style : Easter Gift Tags Tutorial

This morning we woke up to the loveliest of surprises! An adorable Easter Gift Tags tutorial using our fabric buttons, bias tape, stickers and fabric tape, dreamt up by the amazing Sam Dunne of Dunne with Style! We were most excited indeed! Here’s a little preview…

Easter Gift Tags by Dunne with Style

Pretty darn cute, wouldn’t you agree? Click here for the full tutorial on the Dunne with Style blog.

A big thank you to Sam for including our products in her tutorial, we are ever so grateful! xx

Cute Easter Cake Toppers

It doesn’t have to be all about the chocolate eggs this Easter. There are plenty of other yummy sweets that you can dress up with an Easter twist! Here are two quick ideas…

1. Decorate some bunny rabbit cut-outs with fabric tape, attach to toothpicks and pop them on top of home-made cupcakes or muffins. Tie some natural string around the base to finish it off. So cute!

Cute Easter Bunny Cake Toppers with Dailylike Fabric Tape

2. Create miniature flags with Easter themed washi tape, then add them to your sweet treats for a little bit of fun. This is a quick and easy option for when you don’t have much time on your hands. Just cut a strip of washi tape to double the length of your flag, fold the tape in half around the top of your toothpick, and cut a “V” at the end. Done! And looking fabulous!

Cute Easter Flag Cake Toppers with Dailylike Washi Tape

With just under 2 weeks ’til Easter, we hope your Easter projects are coming along nicely!

PS. Tea Time fabric tape and Botanic Garden washi tape were used for the examples above.

Easy Easter Decorating with Washi Tape

We thought we’d share 5 quick and easy decorating ideas with some of our cute Easter themed washi tapes. Being removable and tearable, washi tape can be very versatile indeed!

1. Tear a small piece and add to stitched home-made treat bags for a simple approach. Plus you can also use the washi tape to seal your bags for extra cuteness.

Dailylike Masking Tape - Chubby Rabbit Washi Tape

2. For something a little different, create a rabbit silhouette using strips of washi tape.

Dailylike Masking Tape - Beth Washi Tape, Easter Bunny Card

3. Dress up your glasses with this cute Carrot design for your Easter celebrations.

Dailylike Masking Tape - Carrot Washi Tape

4. If planning a seated table with beautiful linens, add some washi tape to your napkins and placemats for a bit of Easter themed decor.

Dailylike Masking Tape - Botanic Garden Washi Tape, Napkins

5. Wrap your Easter gifts with natural kraft paper and add strips of washi tape and twine to make them pretty! You can also make mini washi tape bunting to match.

Dailylike Masking Tape - Farm Washi Tape, Gift Bags and Bunting

We hope this gives you a few ideas for decorating this Easter!

Featured washi tapes: Chubby Rabbit, Beth, Carrot, Botanic Garden, Farm

Project : DIY Giant Round Cushion

DIY Giant Round Cushion

After seeing Fiona of Craft Hunter‘s recent DIY Striped Round Cushion project, I was very much inspired to give the ol’ sewing machine a go.  Most of my craft is paper-based so machine sewing is a new frontier for me… and I have to say that I am now HOOKED! Look out for a trail of sewing projects coming your way because my brain has gone into overdrive now that I can use a sewing machine!

I wanted to challenge myself (because using a sewing machine for the first time wasn’t enough!) and decided to make my round cushion extra large, giant in fact! I used bean bag balls to fill my cushion (a 100 litre bag did the trick) and for the fabric I chose to use our lovely Laminated Fabric so that I could use the cushion outdoors and easily wipe it down afterwards. So here is the end result.

Materials used:
1 x Grizzly Bear Laminated Fabric Yard
1 x Honey Laminated Fabric Yard
100L bag of bean bag fill
Sewing machine, pins, needle and thread
Butchers paper, pencil and scissors

DIY Giant Round Cushion

Tracing and cutting out the pieces.

DIY Giant Round Cushion

Pinning the patches together to form the front circle.

DIY Giant Round Cushion

Filling with beans (which is really a two person job!)

DIY Giant Round Cushion

Ta-da! One giant round cushion!

DIY Giant Round Cushion

DIY Giant Round Cushion

I am very happy with my giant cushion. Thank you for inspiring me Fiona! If you want to give this project a go yourself, you can click here for Fiona’s step-by-step.

Sarah xx

7 Love-Inspired Projects for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought some love-inspired craft was definitely called for (because we always need a “reason” to craft!). Here we share 7 Valentine’s projects, starting with oh-so-simple and working our way up to yes-i-am-dedicated-to-my-craft. Let’s go!

1. Washi Tape Heart
Cover the front of a big paper heart with red washi tape (because red is the colour of love!) and write your message of undying love on the back. Extra points for stitching a message on a cute paper bag to present your heartfelt love letter.

Dailylike Washi Tape Heart

2. Scattered Hearts
Create a trail of fabulous little hearts leading your valentine to their surprise. Stamp the hearts with your lover’s initials so they can be sure they are on the right trail!

Dailylike Scattered Hearts

3. Wrapped with Love
Make your valentine feel special with some loved-up wrapping goodness. Cute little tags and strips of heart washi tape are easily done and look adorable.

Dailylike Fabric Tape Heart TagsDailylike Hearts Washi Tape Wrap

4. Pretty Heart Garlands
Decorate your space with pretty heart garlands to add to the loving vibe. You could create multiple short garlands or a single long garland depending on the space you are working with.

Dailylike Washi Tape Heart GarlandDailylike Fabric Sticker Heart Garland

5. Pop-up Hearts Card
Add some dimension to your Valentine’s card with mini pop-up hearts. Your love will leap off the card! (well almost…)

Dailylike Pop Up Hearts Card

6. Rosette of Love
Wear your love with pride and make a cute rosette for your one true love.

Dailylike Rosette Love

7. Pleated Heart Pin
A labour of love, this gorgeous pleated heart pin is sure to get some attention! (although it may be from other passionate crafters, but passion is passion right?)

Dailylike Pleated Heart Pin

We hope you try out some of these sweet loving ideas! xx

Project : DIY Countdown Frame

Dailylike Countdown Frame DIY Project

My niece is starting school this year and I thought it would be a wonderful experience if she could visually countdown to her very first day of school. So I created this cute little countdown frame in her favourite colours (pink and purple of course!) to help her keep track of the number of sleeps to go. I also wanted it to be re-usable for future countdowns, so by using washi tape and a chalk pen on the glass she can easily remove and re-use for many more exciting events to come!

Skill Level:

1 x Large Photo Frame (we used a B4 frame which is 257 x 364mm)
1 x Large Card Stock cut to the size of your frame (in our case 257 x 364mm)
Fabric Stickers of your choice (we used Dot Ground Lilac and Dot Ground Light Pink)
Washi Tape of your choice (we used Peony)
1 x A4 Coloured Paper
1 x Whiteboard Marker or Chalk Pen
1 x Small Kraft Ziplock Bag
Scissors, Double-sided Tape, and a Pencil

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Materials

Step One

Draw the letters of your child’s name on the reverse side of the fabric sticker then cut out with your scissors. Remember to draw your letters backwards so that they are the correct way when you stick them.

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Step One

Step Two

Download our free Countdown Frame printable and print it onto your A4 coloured paper. Cut out each piece with your scissors. We allowed a little gap from the black lines to give a 1-2mm border.

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Step Two

Step Three

Layout the letters and paper pieces on your card stock and add any other shapes or decoration that your child is fond of. When you are happy with the layout, peel the backing from the fabric sticker letters and attach, followed by the paper pieces with double-sided tape.

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Step Three

Step Four

Draw the first initial onto some fabric sticker and stick this onto the kraft ziplock bag (you can also add other shapes, etc). Cover your whiteboard marker or chalk pen with fabric sticker so that it all matches, then pop it into the kraft ziplock bag along with your washi tape.

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Step Four

Step Five

Remove the backing of your frame and insert the countdown card behind the glass, then you are done!

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Step Five

To use the Countdown Frame

Just write the special event with your whiteboard marker or chalk pen on the glass (within the long rectangle space), then create your number of sleeps with your washi tape. The washi tape is tearable so you don’t need any scissors, and you can use different sized lengths to create patterns and shapes. Each morning your child can remove the previous number and create the new number of sleeps to go. Then after you reach the special day you can simply wipe off the event with a cloth and start a new countdown!

Dailylike Countdown Frame DIY Project

There are so many exciting things in a child’s life that they can countdown to, and this is a great way for them to learn the space of time and also get a little creative each morning!

Sarah xx