7 Love-Inspired Projects for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought some love-inspired craft was definitely called for (because we always need a “reason” to craft!). Here we share 7 Valentine’s projects, starting with oh-so-simple and working our way up to yes-i-am-dedicated-to-my-craft. Let’s go!

1. Washi Tape Heart
Cover the front of a big paper heart with red washi tape (because red is the colour of love!) and write your message of undying love on the back. Extra points for stitching a message on a cute paper bag to present your heartfelt love letter.

Dailylike Washi Tape Heart

2. Scattered Hearts
Create a trail of fabulous little hearts leading your valentine to their surprise. Stamp the hearts with your lover’s initials so they can be sure they are on the right trail!

Dailylike Scattered Hearts

3. Wrapped with Love
Make your valentine feel special with some loved-up wrapping goodness. Cute little tags and strips of heart washi tape are easily done and look adorable.

Dailylike Fabric Tape Heart TagsDailylike Hearts Washi Tape Wrap

4. Pretty Heart Garlands
Decorate your space with pretty heart garlands to add to the loving vibe. You could create multiple short garlands or a single long garland depending on the space you are working with.

Dailylike Washi Tape Heart GarlandDailylike Fabric Sticker Heart Garland

5. Pop-up Hearts Card
Add some dimension to your Valentine’s card with mini pop-up hearts. Your love will leap off the card! (well almost…)

Dailylike Pop Up Hearts Card

6. Rosette of Love
Wear your love with pride and make a cute rosette for your one true love.

Dailylike Rosette Love

7. Pleated Heart Pin
A labour of love, this gorgeous pleated heart pin is sure to get some attention! (although it may be from other passionate crafters, but passion is passion right?)

Dailylike Pleated Heart Pin

We hope you try out some of these sweet loving ideas! xx

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