Fabric Sticker Fun from RedAgape

A very big THANK YOU to Amanda O’Sullivan of RedAgape for the loveliest blog post ever! We were dancing the crazy dance when we first read Amanda’s write-up as it made us so deliriously happy! We get such a high when we see the amazing creations and inspiration that our customers share. We love working with our products and it is wonderful to know that the feeling is shared.

Here is a snapshot from Amanda’s post which shows her gorgeous workspace (that we are all secretly envious of!).Fabric Sticker Ideas from RedAgape

Amanda used the Greeny and French Rose Fabric Stickers to decorate her workspace and we certainly agree it looks awesome!

Click here to read Amanda’s Fun Ideas for Fabric Stickers and see how it all came together.

One thought on “Fabric Sticker Fun from RedAgape

  1. Thanks for sharing! i had another great idea for using your stickers today….but alas, I’m out of stickers. I’ll put in another order soon. Also, I love your new products!! I’m a serious cushion addict and have been admiring your gorgeous collection. :)

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