Inspiration : Fabric Tags

Dailylike Fabric Tags in Antique Flower Beige

If you’re looking for a way to take your gift wrapping up a notch without breaking the budget or spending too much time on it, then we’ve got a pretty solution for you!

Dailylike Fabric Tags in Minimums Indian Pink

It’s really super simple.  An easy way is to stick tags directly onto the adhesive side of our Fabric Stickers and cut them out.  We like to use the tags and hearts from the Alex Mae collection as they have a great mix of colours and shapes, but you can use any tags that you can get your hands on.

Otherwise if you want to go freestyle, you can draw your tags and shapes directly onto the back of the Fabric Stickers.  They have paper backing, so writing straight onto them is a cinch.  Add a little Twine and you’re all done.  Here we’ve used Fabric Sticker Minimums Indian Pink.

Dailylike Fabric Tags in Violet

This is one of our favourite colour combos – Fabric Sticker Violet in Violet and Red.  Add a button for extra cuteness.

Dailylike Fabric Tags in Beach

Looking for something a bit more colourful or bold?  You might like these tags using Fabric Stickers in Beach, Sand and Sunlight.  Makes us happy just looking at them!

Don’t forget, you don’t need to be limited to using paper for wrapping your gifts.  In the very first example, we’ve used the natural fabric from the Quarter Fabric Pack Sometimes and embellished with a tag made using the Fabric Sticker Antique Flower – Beige.

The best part is that with so many Fabric Stickers to choose from, the options are almost endless!  Happy gifting!

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