Sarah’s Top 5

Have you seen all of the gorgeous new Dailylike goodies added to our store?! Oh my! If not, quick pop over here. We are all quite excited about the newbies and I thought I might quickly share my top five new products that I cannot wait to get my hands on…

Number Five

I have been spending a bit of time with my oven of late. Re-discovering all of the marvellous foods it can help you create. My old oven glove is worn to the point of burning my fingers so I am looking forward to adding a new Oven Glove to my kitchen. The ‘Lesser Panda’ is pretty darn cute so that’s my pick, but it was a touch choice between the panda and the ‘Fig’ (one of my favourite foods!).

Number Four

I am so in love with the idea of growing your own herbs, fruits and vegetables but I am absolutely hopeless at it! I always forget to give my garden the tender loving care it needs. The little hand drawn pictures on the ‘Gardening’ washi tape are so delightful and I plan to use the tape around my home to inspire me on my gardening adventures!

Number Three

In anticipation of a hot Summer ahead, the Ice Tumbler is on my list. I love a beautiful chilled tea and I’m going for the ‘Woods’ design to remind myself to always “Be Thankful”.

Number Two

I’m planning to use the ‘Cactus’ Multi Wall Pocket as a declutter station in the entrance of my home. The hooks will be perfect for our keys (which you’re always looking for otherwise right?!) and the other little pockets will be used for appointment cards, fuel vouchers, receipts and all those bits of random you need to put somewhere safe.

Number One (and did you perhaps already suspect this?)

The Dailylike Wrapping Paper Book is definitely my most anticipated arrival! All those pages of lovely papery goodness just waiting to be crafted into something exciting. Oh bliss!

Got something you can’t wait to receive? Let us know, we always love to hear from you  :)

Sarah xx

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