Project : Christmas Advent Prisms

Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms

8 x A4 paper
25 x Advent treats
Double sided tape
Colouring pencils, crayons, pens or markers (optional)
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Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Download the Dailylike Advent Prisms Template and print it onto A4 paper. The template includes 25 prisms and 25 joke inserts. We have used plain copy paper for our example and it’s best to make sure there is no page scaling when you print.
Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Use scissors to cut along the solid lines for each of the prisms and joke inserts. Then the colouring is optional but if you want to add some extra colour, now is the time to do it! Here we have used coloured markers.
Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Take a prism and fold along the dotted lines. Unfold and lay your prism flat with the design facing up. Add double sided tape to the 3 tabs (attach on the same side as the printed design). It helps to trim the tape on diagonals to match the tabs.
Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Fold in the bottom and side tabs again then peel the backing from the double sided tape. Fold the other half of the prism on top to make a pocket and press firmly along the taped edges.
Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Gently squeeze the top edges of your pocket to make the prism shape, then pop a joke and treat inside.
Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Peel off the backing from your top tab and tuck the tab into the prism. Press firmly along the top edge to secure this tab.
Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Cut a piece of Fabric Tape to 6cm, remove the backing and attach across the top edge of your prism. Repeat for the bottom edge and you have created an Advent Prism!
Do Steps 3 to 7 for each of your cut-out prisms then gather in a basket, string into a garland or place along the mantle for an adorable count down to Christmas Day!
– – – – –
We have used Daily Christmas for the example above. Here are a few more variations you can try…
Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Soft and sweet with Celebrate

Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms

Bold and striking with Snow Bell

Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms

Festive and traditional with Twinkle


And here are some Advent treat ideas…
Vintage Jewels
Vintage jewels for your best friend


Brightly coloured confetti


Lego fun for little boys

Hand Made Crocheted Hair Clips

Cute hair clips for little girls


Sweet mints

Cute Toys

Cute toys!

This project was created by Dailylike Australia.

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