Project : Cotton Tail Bunnies by Sam Dunne

Dailylike Cotton Tail Bunnies by Dunne with Style

For me Easter is all about family and the magic of the Easter bunny for the kids. So I wanted to create something simple enough that the kids could have a go at, but cute enough for the adults to enjoy them too! The Cotton Tail Bunnies Easter boxes make a great gifts or egg hunt boxes and the matching bunting will be the perfect backdrop to your family’s Easter table.

Skill level
Beginner. Child friendly!

:: Bunny Easter Boxes ::

1 x Fabric Stickers – Alley
1 x Small Gift Boxes – Floweret
1 x Twine Bobbin – Beige
Bunny template
Glue or double-sided tape

Dailylike Easter Bunny Box Materials 1


Cut out your bunny from the fabric sticker sheet. You can draw your own bunny design or use this template.


To create the bunnie’s cotton tail, take a piece of twine (about the length of your fork) and drape in through the prongs of your fork vertically.  Wrap the twine around the fork until a thick bunch forms (I wrapped about 50 times).  Take the twine that you draped through the fork and wrap it around the bunch you have created and tie off in a knot.  Pull the bunch of twine off your fork.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Box Step 2

Cut across where the loops of twine have been created on both sides. Fluff up your pom and trim as required.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Box Step 3

Attach your Cotton Tail Pom to your bunny with glue or double sided tape.

Peel the backing off your bunny sticker and affix to the gift box.

Dailylike Easter Bunny Box by Dunne with Style

:: Easter Bunting ::

1 x Fabric Sticker – Alley
1 x Twine Bobbin – Beige
1 x Bias Tape – Alley
Bunny template
Coloured paper / book sheets
Glue or double-sided tape

Dailylike Easter Bunny Box Materials 2

Cut your bunnies from the fabric sticker sheets.  Make and attach their cotton tails (see instructions above).

Cut pennant shaped flags from paper (I used vintage dictionary sheets – but you could also use coloured paper or Dailylike collecting papers) by cutting a triangle out of the bottom of a rectangle.

Peel the backing of your bunny sticker and affix to pennant flag.

Dailylike Easter Bunting Step 1

Sew the flags together using the bias tape.

Dailylike Easter Bunting Step 2

Dailylike Easter Bunting

This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Sam Dunne of Dunne with Style.

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