Project : Rosettes 3 Ways by Magdalena Franco

dailylike fabric rosettes tutorial by The Craft Revival

Rosettes.  We’ve all seen them before, but lets face it – they’re pretty darn cute.  So this got us thinking, why let the kids have all the fun?  Let’s shower our beautiful mothers will rosette love! The very talented Magdalena from The Craft Revival has created these extra lovely Mother’s Day inspired twists on the humble rosette that we know you are going to love.

Skill Level

You’ll Need
1 x Fabric Sticker – First Love
1 x Fabric Sticker – Red Ribbon
1 x Twine Bobbin – Deep Yellow
Cardboard (either poster board or empty cereal boxes)
Circle template (if you don’t have one, trace around a small glass or something similar)
Sheet of baking paper
Hot glue gun
Scoring tool or blunt pointed object (a ballpoint pen with no ink works well)
Scrapbooking embellishments
Alphabet stickers

dailylike fabric rosettes the craft revival tutorial supplies


:: Basic Rosette ::
1.  On the back of a sheet of fabric sticker paper, rule two parallel lines across the longest side of the paper.  Use your ruler to guide your spacing.

2.  Now use your ruler to mark out 1cm marks across the top and bottom of the ruled sections.  Using your scorer or a blunt object, score lines between the 1cm marks which you made.

3.  Cut along the lines and you’ll be left with two long strips of fabric stickers with score marks along the entire length.

4.  Starting at one end, start concertina-folding along the score marks (think mountains and valleys).

dailylike fabric rosettes the craft revival tutorial step1-4

5.  Un-peel the end of one concertina strip and attach it to the second strip.

6.  Ensure that your valleys and mountains aren’t compromised and flow consistently – this might mean having to trim back to the next score line.

7.  Repeat with the remaining loose ends and you will be left with a zig-zag circle.  Flip the fabric side to the inside of the circle, so that the backing is on the outside.  It will make it easier to work with.

8.  Lay down a piece of baking paper on your work surface.  Gently gather the top of your circle and slowly lower it down into the centre.  This can be a little fiddly, so you’ll need to play around with it until it behaves.

9.  Whilst holding the rosette flat, gently bring the outside in so that you close the centre.  There will be a little gap in the centre, but that’s fine.

10.  With one hand holding the rosette together on your baking paper, carefully pipe some hot glue into the centre, pop your glue gun aside and use both hands to push the rosette together into the hot glue in the centre.   Hold it there for about a minute until the glue sets.

dailylike fabric rosettes the craft revival tutorial step5-10

11.  Attach a square of fabric onto a piece of cardboard and on the reverse of the cardboard, trace a circle onto it.  The circle should be smaller than your rosette, but large enough to act as a surface to embellish onto.  Attach your fabric covered circle to the front of your rosette using hot glue.

12.  Trace another circle onto a plain piece of cardboard.  Cut out and attach to the back of your rosette using hot glue.  This will provide more stability to your rosette and provide a surface to attach a brooch-back to make a pin or some twine for a hanging rosette.  Your rosette base is complete.


dailylike fabric rosette pin by The Craft Revival PIN

:: Rosette Pin ::

Embellish your fabric covered circle with stickers and scrapbooking embellishments and attach some lace trim close to the outside on the reverse before you attach your rosette.  Glue a brooch-back to the reverse, making sure you pay attention to placement so that your brooch won’t accidentally be upside down!

dailylike fabric rosette gift topper by The Craft Revival

:: Rosette Gift Topper ::

Cut a heart shape out of some felt and attach it to the front of the rosette centre with some hot glue.  Attach some foam alphabet stickers to spell out ‘MUM’.  Attach your rosette to a gift box using hot glue and place additional fabric sticker strips to create a faux ribbon on top of the box.

dailylike fabric rosette prize by The Craft Revival

:: Rosette Prize ::

Embellish the front of your rosette with a circle of felt and a 3D alpha letter.  Cut two strips out of contrasting fabric sticker 3-4cm wide and about 10cm long.  Cut a triangle out of each end to create a ribbon look.  Attach the ‘ribbons’ to the front of the cardboard circle.  Cut a length of twine, fold in half and tie a knot in the loose ends.  Attach it to the opposite end to the ribbons with some hot glue.  Attach the entire circle with ribbons and twine loop to the back of your rosette.  Now it’s ready to hang.

This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Magdalena Franco of The Craft Revival.

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