6 Winter Craft Ideas

As we enter the last month of Winter, our fingers and hands are well and truly in need of some crafting activities to keep them warm and cozy. So here are six Winter inspired crafts to get you in the mood.

Dailylike Fabric Tape - Paper Clothing

1. Make some cute Winter sweaters to dress up your gifts.

Dailylike Fabric Tape - Decorating Jars

2. Decorated jars of freshly baked treats are always a favourite.

Dailylike Fabric Tape - Snowflake Decorations

3. Brighten up your days with colourful snowflakes to hang in your window.

Dailylike Cotton Fabric - Little Birds

4. Create adorable little fabric birds to remind you that Spring will soon be here!

Dailylike Fabric - DIY Coasters

5. Warm yourself from the inside and stitch up some fabric coasters for your mugs of hot tea.

Dailylike Fabric Stickers - DIY Craft Trees

6. Design your own miniature Winter village, starting with some quick and easy self-standing trees.

So what will you create? Thaw out those fingers and get them working!

7 Love-Inspired Projects for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought some love-inspired craft was definitely called for (because we always need a “reason” to craft!). Here we share 7 Valentine’s projects, starting with oh-so-simple and working our way up to yes-i-am-dedicated-to-my-craft. Let’s go!

1. Washi Tape Heart
Cover the front of a big paper heart with red washi tape (because red is the colour of love!) and write your message of undying love on the back. Extra points for stitching a message on a cute paper bag to present your heartfelt love letter.

Dailylike Washi Tape Heart

2. Scattered Hearts
Create a trail of fabulous little hearts leading your valentine to their surprise. Stamp the hearts with your lover’s initials so they can be sure they are on the right trail!

Dailylike Scattered Hearts

3. Wrapped with Love
Make your valentine feel special with some loved-up wrapping goodness. Cute little tags and strips of heart washi tape are easily done and look adorable.

Dailylike Fabric Tape Heart TagsDailylike Hearts Washi Tape Wrap

4. Pretty Heart Garlands
Decorate your space with pretty heart garlands to add to the loving vibe. You could create multiple short garlands or a single long garland depending on the space you are working with.

Dailylike Washi Tape Heart GarlandDailylike Fabric Sticker Heart Garland

5. Pop-up Hearts Card
Add some dimension to your Valentine’s card with mini pop-up hearts. Your love will leap off the card! (well almost…)

Dailylike Pop Up Hearts Card

6. Rosette of Love
Wear your love with pride and make a cute rosette for your one true love.

Dailylike Rosette Love

7. Pleated Heart Pin
A labour of love, this gorgeous pleated heart pin is sure to get some attention! (although it may be from other passionate crafters, but passion is passion right?)

Dailylike Pleated Heart Pin

We hope you try out some of these sweet loving ideas! xx

3 Easy Ways to Decorate your Notebooks

With the new school year just a few weeks away, we thought we’d share a few ideas on how to decorate your notebooks to inspire creativity and eager learning for 2015!

1. First up is the super quick and easy spine option. Just add a few strips of Fabric Sticker or Washi Tape to spruce up the spine of your books. If you have a few notebooks that are similar, then this is a great way to “colour-code” your books for your different subjects.

Dailylike : Creative Ways to Decorate your Books

2. Second option is to create a cute design for your cover. Using a mix of Fabric Tape, Fabric Sticker and Washi Tape go crazy with shapes, colours and patterns.

Dailylike : Creative Ways to Decorate your Books

3. The third option is full coverage. If you’re not particularly fond of the design already on your notebooks, then this is the technique for you! You can either use a single design or mix it up with a few complementing designs. Here are a few examples using our A4 Fabric Stickers to completely cover the outside of your books. You can also add a little strip of Fabric Tape to write the subject or content of your book for easy reference.

Dailylike :Creative Ways to Decorate your Books

Of course you don’t actually have to be going back to school as a reason to cover your books with prettiness. Whether you are looking to start a journal, create a new recipe book, or maybe sketch in your spare time, any of your books can be decorated for creative inspiration!

Dailylike Fabric Sticker covered book

PS. Click here for the adhesive glitter and plain kraft notebooks used to create the Anchor and Cake notebooks in #2!

Tickle the Imagination : Issue 17

The very lovely Libby Abadee from Craft It Up has used our Dailylike Collecting Paper, Fabric Sticker and Fabric Tape in her latest craft project for Tickle the Imagination magazine and we are very excited to share it with you.

Libby has created a cute little set of super hero, fairy and warrior princess peg dolls which are just gorgeous!

Craft It Up Peg Dolls for Tickle the Imagination

Craft It Up Peg Dolls for Tickle the Imagination

If you haven’t yet discovered Tickle the Imagination and you love to get creative then you best pop over to their website quick smart. Issue 17 is a celebration of traditional fun, games and crafts we can enjoy with our children and it looks amazing! You can order yourself a print copy here and view a preview online for free here.

Beautiful photography by Jackie Hewett Photography.