Make it : Fabric Chandelier

Happy Friday! Today we thought we’d share a quick and easy DIY project for the weekend, this gorgeous fabric chandelier!

DIY Fabric Chandelier by Dailylike

Here’s how it’s done: Gather your favourite fabrics and cut (or tear) them into long strips. Start tying them around a mini hoop at different lengths, and mixing up the patterns, until you make it all the way around. Attach some fishing line or twine to hang the chandelier and you’re done!

We think these fabric chandeliers would make fabulous party decor or a lovely addition to your little one’s bedroom. They have a wonderful whimsical feel to them.

This example uses the divine Leaves fabric but we think it would look just as amazing with any of our pretty quarter fabric packs. Happy making!

Easy Easter Decorating with Washi Tape

We thought we’d share 5 quick and easy decorating ideas with some of our cute Easter themed washi tapes. Being removable and tearable, washi tape can be very versatile indeed!

1. Tear a small piece and add to stitched home-made treat bags for a simple approach. Plus you can also use the washi tape to seal your bags for extra cuteness.

Dailylike Masking Tape - Chubby Rabbit Washi Tape

2. For something a little different, create a rabbit silhouette using strips of washi tape.

Dailylike Masking Tape - Beth Washi Tape, Easter Bunny Card

3. Dress up your glasses with this cute Carrot design for your Easter celebrations.

Dailylike Masking Tape - Carrot Washi Tape

4. If planning a seated table with beautiful linens, add some washi tape to your napkins and placemats for a bit of Easter themed decor.

Dailylike Masking Tape - Botanic Garden Washi Tape, Napkins

5. Wrap your Easter gifts with natural kraft paper and add strips of washi tape and twine to make them pretty! You can also make mini washi tape bunting to match.

Dailylike Masking Tape - Farm Washi Tape, Gift Bags and Bunting

We hope this gives you a few ideas for decorating this Easter!

Featured washi tapes: Chubby Rabbit, Beth, Carrot, Botanic Garden, Farm

Fabric Sticker Fun from RedAgape

A very big THANK YOU to Amanda O’Sullivan of RedAgape for the loveliest blog post ever! We were dancing the crazy dance when we first read Amanda’s write-up as it made us so deliriously happy! We get such a high when we see the amazing creations and inspiration that our customers share. We love working with our products and it is wonderful to know that the feeling is shared.

Here is a snapshot from Amanda’s post which shows her gorgeous workspace (that we are all secretly envious of!).Fabric Sticker Ideas from RedAgape

Amanda used the Greeny and French Rose Fabric Stickers to decorate her workspace and we certainly agree it looks awesome!

Click here to read Amanda’s Fun Ideas for Fabric Stickers and see how it all came together.

Project : Scalloped Lantern by Sam Dunne

Scalloped Lantern by Sam Dunne of Dunne with Style for Dailylike Australia

These paper lanterns are a quick and simple project and are perfect for paper lovers wanting to display their favourite prints and patterns.

Dailylike Collecting Paper Set – Between Snow to Flower
Paper lantern
Double sided tape
Paper punch (I used a 2” round)
Ribbon/twine/fishing line to hang


Step 1.
Using your paper punch, cut out circles from your paper stack.
I used 4 different patterns and punched out 2 inch circles from 2 sheets of each pattern.

Step 2.
Using your double sided tape, stick your first circle to the lantern so it slightly overhangs the bottom.

Step 3.
Continue to tape down circles in a row around the lantern overlapping each time (overlap by about 1/3 of the circle).

Step 4.
When you have completed your first row, begin a second row above, overlapping the first row of circles by about 1/3 of the circle.

Scalloped Lantern by Sam Dunne of Dunne with Style for Dailylike Australia

Step 5.
Continue rows, changing your paper prints as desired.

Scalloped Lantern by Sam Dunne of Dunne with Style for Dailylike Australia

Step 6.
Once your lantern is complete hang with a piece of ribbon, twine or fishing line (I have used the Dailylike Cotton Ribbon Wreath design here).

Scalloped Lantern by Sam Dunne of Dunne with Style for Dailylike Australia

This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Sam Dunne of Dunne with Style.

Have you seen the magic of Glass Tape?

Dailylike Glass Tape

So simple, yet so effective! Dailylike Glass Tape lets you add a delicate decorative touch to your everyday objects. The tape itself is clear so you just see the beautiful white design when you apply it to things like glass and wood.

Dailylike Glass Tape

The designs we have featured here are Crown and Snow. Each pack comes with two different tape designs and there is a massive 20 metres on each roll (yes that’s 40 metres in a pack!).

Dailylike Glass Tape

We hope you find Glass Tape as magical as we do!