Here comes the parade!

With Easter just over the horizon, it is time to get Easter bonnet making! And if you want to make something that the kids can re-use after Easter, Magdalena Franco’s No-Sew Mad Hatter Easter Bonnet is just what you need!

Mad Hatter Easter Bonnet created by The Craft Revival for Dailylike

Inspired by the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, we think it is the perfect mix of quirk, colour and awesomeness that your kids will love. So after the Easter hat parade is done and dusted, transform your tea parties at home into magical, crazy Mad Hatter’s tea parties and dress up with your colourful Mad Hatter bonnets!

Click here for the step-by-step instructions and get crafting with the kids this weekend – just in time for the parade!

Project : DIY Giant Round Cushion

DIY Giant Round Cushion

After seeing Fiona of Craft Hunter‘s recent DIY Striped Round Cushion project, I was very much inspired to give the ol’ sewing machine a go.  Most of my craft is paper-based so machine sewing is a new frontier for me… and I have to say that I am now HOOKED! Look out for a trail of sewing projects coming your way because my brain has gone into overdrive now that I can use a sewing machine!

I wanted to challenge myself (because using a sewing machine for the first time wasn’t enough!) and decided to make my round cushion extra large, giant in fact! I used bean bag balls to fill my cushion (a 100 litre bag did the trick) and for the fabric I chose to use our lovely Laminated Fabric so that I could use the cushion outdoors and easily wipe it down afterwards. So here is the end result.

Materials used:
1 x Grizzly Bear Laminated Fabric Yard
1 x Honey Laminated Fabric Yard
100L bag of bean bag fill
Sewing machine, pins, needle and thread
Butchers paper, pencil and scissors

DIY Giant Round Cushion

Tracing and cutting out the pieces.

DIY Giant Round Cushion

Pinning the patches together to form the front circle.

DIY Giant Round Cushion

Filling with beans (which is really a two person job!)

DIY Giant Round Cushion

Ta-da! One giant round cushion!

DIY Giant Round Cushion

DIY Giant Round Cushion

I am very happy with my giant cushion. Thank you for inspiring me Fiona! If you want to give this project a go yourself, you can click here for Fiona’s step-by-step.

Sarah xx

Cushion Inspiration from Craft Hunter

That clever little lady over at Craft Hunter has done it again! Check out this awesome DIY Striped Round Cushion created by Fiona Michelon. She has definitely inspired us to give this project a go and create some cute round cushions of our own!

Craft Hunter DIY Round Cushion

You’ll find the step-by-step instructions on the Craft Hunter blog. And if you are thinking that spotty cushion looks a little familiar, like perhaps you just saw it when compiling your Dailylike lust list? Why yes, that’s our new Anemos Dot cushion cover and don’t the orange stripes and black spots look amazing together!? Fiona, your stylish eye has created the perfect match! xx

7 Love-Inspired Projects for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought some love-inspired craft was definitely called for (because we always need a “reason” to craft!). Here we share 7 Valentine’s projects, starting with oh-so-simple and working our way up to yes-i-am-dedicated-to-my-craft. Let’s go!

1. Washi Tape Heart
Cover the front of a big paper heart with red washi tape (because red is the colour of love!) and write your message of undying love on the back. Extra points for stitching a message on a cute paper bag to present your heartfelt love letter.

Dailylike Washi Tape Heart

2. Scattered Hearts
Create a trail of fabulous little hearts leading your valentine to their surprise. Stamp the hearts with your lover’s initials so they can be sure they are on the right trail!

Dailylike Scattered Hearts

3. Wrapped with Love
Make your valentine feel special with some loved-up wrapping goodness. Cute little tags and strips of heart washi tape are easily done and look adorable.

Dailylike Fabric Tape Heart TagsDailylike Hearts Washi Tape Wrap

4. Pretty Heart Garlands
Decorate your space with pretty heart garlands to add to the loving vibe. You could create multiple short garlands or a single long garland depending on the space you are working with.

Dailylike Washi Tape Heart GarlandDailylike Fabric Sticker Heart Garland

5. Pop-up Hearts Card
Add some dimension to your Valentine’s card with mini pop-up hearts. Your love will leap off the card! (well almost…)

Dailylike Pop Up Hearts Card

6. Rosette of Love
Wear your love with pride and make a cute rosette for your one true love.

Dailylike Rosette Love

7. Pleated Heart Pin
A labour of love, this gorgeous pleated heart pin is sure to get some attention! (although it may be from other passionate crafters, but passion is passion right?)

Dailylike Pleated Heart Pin

We hope you try out some of these sweet loving ideas! xx

Project : DIY Countdown Frame

Dailylike Countdown Frame DIY Project

My niece is starting school this year and I thought it would be a wonderful experience if she could visually countdown to her very first day of school. So I created this cute little countdown frame in her favourite colours (pink and purple of course!) to help her keep track of the number of sleeps to go. I also wanted it to be re-usable for future countdowns, so by using washi tape and a chalk pen on the glass she can easily remove and re-use for many more exciting events to come!

Skill Level:

1 x Large Photo Frame (we used a B4 frame which is 257 x 364mm)
1 x Large Card Stock cut to the size of your frame (in our case 257 x 364mm)
Fabric Stickers of your choice (we used Dot Ground Lilac and Dot Ground Light Pink)
Washi Tape of your choice (we used Peony)
1 x A4 Coloured Paper
1 x Whiteboard Marker or Chalk Pen
1 x Small Kraft Ziplock Bag
Scissors, Double-sided Tape, and a Pencil

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Materials

Step One

Draw the letters of your child’s name on the reverse side of the fabric sticker then cut out with your scissors. Remember to draw your letters backwards so that they are the correct way when you stick them.

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Step One

Step Two

Download our free Countdown Frame printable and print it onto your A4 coloured paper. Cut out each piece with your scissors. We allowed a little gap from the black lines to give a 1-2mm border.

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Step Two

Step Three

Layout the letters and paper pieces on your card stock and add any other shapes or decoration that your child is fond of. When you are happy with the layout, peel the backing from the fabric sticker letters and attach, followed by the paper pieces with double-sided tape.

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Step Three

Step Four

Draw the first initial onto some fabric sticker and stick this onto the kraft ziplock bag (you can also add other shapes, etc). Cover your whiteboard marker or chalk pen with fabric sticker so that it all matches, then pop it into the kraft ziplock bag along with your washi tape.

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Step Four

Step Five

Remove the backing of your frame and insert the countdown card behind the glass, then you are done!

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Step Five

To use the Countdown Frame

Just write the special event with your whiteboard marker or chalk pen on the glass (within the long rectangle space), then create your number of sleeps with your washi tape. The washi tape is tearable so you don’t need any scissors, and you can use different sized lengths to create patterns and shapes. Each morning your child can remove the previous number and create the new number of sleeps to go. Then after you reach the special day you can simply wipe off the event with a cloth and start a new countdown!

Dailylike Countdown Frame DIY Project

There are so many exciting things in a child’s life that they can countdown to, and this is a great way for them to learn the space of time and also get a little creative each morning!

Sarah xx

3 Easy Ways to Decorate your Notebooks

With the new school year just a few weeks away, we thought we’d share a few ideas on how to decorate your notebooks to inspire creativity and eager learning for 2015!

1. First up is the super quick and easy spine option. Just add a few strips of Fabric Sticker or Washi Tape to spruce up the spine of your books. If you have a few notebooks that are similar, then this is a great way to “colour-code” your books for your different subjects.

Dailylike : Creative Ways to Decorate your Books

2. Second option is to create a cute design for your cover. Using a mix of Fabric Tape, Fabric Sticker and Washi Tape go crazy with shapes, colours and patterns.

Dailylike : Creative Ways to Decorate your Books

3. The third option is full coverage. If you’re not particularly fond of the design already on your notebooks, then this is the technique for you! You can either use a single design or mix it up with a few complementing designs. Here are a few examples using our A4 Fabric Stickers to completely cover the outside of your books. You can also add a little strip of Fabric Tape to write the subject or content of your book for easy reference.

Dailylike :Creative Ways to Decorate your Books

Of course you don’t actually have to be going back to school as a reason to cover your books with prettiness. Whether you are looking to start a journal, create a new recipe book, or maybe sketch in your spare time, any of your books can be decorated for creative inspiration!

Dailylike Fabric Sticker covered book

PS. Click here for the adhesive glitter and plain kraft notebooks used to create the Anchor and Cake notebooks in #2!

Project : Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Fiona Michelon

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

Skill level

Supplies needed:
– 1 x set of Fabric Tape in Afresh
– 1 x set of Fabric Stickers in Afresh
– 1 x Beige Twine
– 1 x Dailylike Lace DL06
– Fresh flowers
– Fabric napkins
– Small gift boxes
– Hole punch
– Metal napkin rings (optional)
– Pencil and Scissors

I love the idea of staying away from the traditional Christmas styles and just making a beautiful, homely entertaining space that feels really special for the festive season. With a combo of soft greens, fabric textures and fresh flowers you can make a space that still has a Christmas vibe, but will have your guests talking about your dinner party for years to come.

The trick is to choose just a few colours or patterns and stick with just those in a variety of applications. The end result will look really interesting but still uniformed thanks to the repeated colour scheme.

Mix a combo of fresh flowers and fake fabric leaves for a really pretty look.


Step 1
Sketch out some leaf shapes onto the back of your green fabric sticker and cut them out with scissors. For these green leaves, leave a tab shape that’s approx. 1cm at the bottom of the leaf. Repeat these steps with some extra leaves in the floral and grid pattern stickers too but just cut these with a rounded bottom. Punch a hole in the bottom of these coloured leaves.

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

Step 2
Use your Fabric Tape to decorate some plain linen napkins. Cut some mini triangles to decorate the bottom, and for others just apply a solid strip of tape across the bottom.
It can look really beautiful with mixed patterns in a similar colour scheme so have fun with it!

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

Step 3
Now it’s time to put your napkin rings together. I tried two different styles:

– Style A
Cut some fresh flowers and tie them together with your twine leaving 15cm of twine either side of the knot. Use this twine to tie your napkin in the middle.
Remove the backing area of the tab shape on your green leaves and stick these to place amongst your flowers.
Tie a piece of lace around the twine too and finish with a simple knot.

– Style B
Place your metal napkin ring onto your napkin. Cut some fresh flowers and tuck them in behind the napkin ring.
Remove the backing area of the tab shape on your green leaves and stick these to place amongst your flowers.

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

Step 4
Use your remaining fabric stickers to decorate some mini gift boxes and use them as a favour box / place card.
The fabric stickers come with a brown paper backing which you can actually use to create little name tags. Punch a hole in the top and thread it on some twine along with your coloured leaves and tie it around your gift box.

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

Step 5
Use the twine to tie a pretty bow around your cutlery too.

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Fiona Michelon of Craft Hunter.

Project : Festive Wrap by Sam Dunne

Festive Wrap by Dunne with Style for Dailylike Australia

Christmas is my favourite time of year, the chance to gift wrap a whole lot of presents is like the icing on the cake for me.

I start by wrapping all of my presents in a neutral base paper (I have a weakness for brown paper) and then make a big pile of embellishments that way I can mix and match and try different layers and combinations. My favourite element of wrapping is texture and the mixture of paper and fabric is such a simple but effective contrast.

Here are a few tricks that I like to use to make my wrapping extra special.

Quarter Fabric Pack : Dear Linen
Fabric Sticker : Dear Linen – Grove
Cotton Ribbon : Leaf Line
Fabric Buttons : Wish Wish
Twine Bobbin : Beige

Fabric Ribbon
Festive Wrap by Dunne with Style for Dailylike AustraliaMake a small cut at the top of your fabric and then simply tear strips in a variety of widths to make your fabric ribbon.

Festive Wrap by Dunne with Style for Dailylike AustraliaButtons are great way to add a pop of colour and some height to your wrap.

Fabric Sticker Rosette
Festive Wrap by Dunne with Style for Dailylike AustraliaCut a 1.5 inch strip lengthways from the fabric sticker sheet.
Concertina fold the strip (you can pre mark even intervals on the back if you need).
Peel back the adhesive from just the last fold and attach it to the first concertina fold to create a ring.
Press the centre to create your rosette and affix with a little glue.
Attach a button to the centre.
Use your fabric and cotton ribbon to layer up and create tails for the rosette.
Festive Wrap by Dunne with Style for Dailylike Australia

Herb Wreaths
Festive Wrap by Dunne with Style for Dailylike AustraliaCreate rings of herbs tied up with twine and embellish with a cute button.

There are so many wonderful combinations that you can create with just a few items. I hope this has inspired you for your Christmas wrapping this year.

Festive Wrap by Dunne with Style for Dailylike Australia

This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Sam Dunne of Dunne with Style.

Getting ready for Christmas

Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms

With the Christmas countdown getting closer we thought we’d share our Christmas Advent Prisms with you again as they are just so darn cute. Can you believe this was the very first DIY project we created nearly a year ago!? It has been an amazing 12 months and there is still plenty more to come! This combination uses the Celebrate Fabric Tape and the free printable template and step-by-step instructions can be found here.