20 Christmas Ideas with Fabric Stickers

Wondering what you can create with our Fabric Stickers for Christmas? Here’s 20 ideas to get you started!

1. Christmas tree napkin rings with Wish Wish.

2. Star garlands with Holy Night.

3. Christmas tree table settings with Twinkle.

4. Holly leaf cake toppers with Snowflake.

5. Up-cycle old boxes with Snow Bell.

6. Cute Santa hats with Afresh.

7. Christmas ornaments with Daily Christmas.

8. Christmas wrapping for the blokes with Holy Night.

9. Christmas treats with Celebrate.

10. Pinwheels with Winter Forest.

11. Nordic inspired Christmas trees with Snow Village.

12. Merry Christmas banner with Twinkle.

13. Pretty garlands with Owl.

14. Mini lanterns with Twilight.

15. Pretty envelopes with Winter Forest.

16. Christmas favours with Blossom.

17. Hanging Christmas trees with Strawberry Berry, Flower and Berry Stripe.

18. Fortune cookies with Dear Grove.

19. Christmas blooms with October Grace.

20. Baby bon bons with Nostalgia Blue Sky.

We hope this post has given you a few new ideas to play with! What will you create?

See our full range of Fabric Stickers over here.

Look what we made at The Finders Keepers!

We had a crafting good time at The Finders Keepers in Sydney earlier this month. Here’s a few of our photos plus some gorgeous Instagram shares to show you the wonderful creativity of our clever workshoppers.

Fabric Wall Hanging Workshop

Dailylike Workshops : Fabric Wall Hangings

Dailylike Workshops - Photo by neehopkins

Photo credit @neehopkins

Dailylike Workshops - Photo by megarama

Photo credit @megarama

Selfie Softie Workshop

Dailylike Workshops - Selfie Softies

Dailylike Workshops - Photo by sew_in_the_moment

Photo credit @sew_in_the_moment

Surprise Garland Workshop

Dailylike Workshops - Surprise Garlands

Dailylike Workshops - Photo by paperandpin

Photo credit @paperandpin

A big, gigantic thank you to our lovely workshop co-hosts for the weekend, Fiona Michelon of Craft Hunter and Rin Dawson of Papered Thoughts, and a massive thank you to The Chaos Club for joining us with our pop-up shop adventures!

In other exciting news, we have added our Blank Softies to our online store so you can now make your own Selfie Softies at home! Hooray! Have fun crafters…

Fabric Sticker Fun from RedAgape

A very big THANK YOU to Amanda O’Sullivan of RedAgape for the loveliest blog post ever! We were dancing the crazy dance when we first read Amanda’s write-up as it made us so deliriously happy! We get such a high when we see the amazing creations and inspiration that our customers share. We love working with our products and it is wonderful to know that the feeling is shared.

Here is a snapshot from Amanda’s post which shows her gorgeous workspace (that we are all secretly envious of!).Fabric Sticker Ideas from RedAgape

Amanda used the Greeny and French Rose Fabric Stickers to decorate her workspace and we certainly agree it looks awesome!

Click here to read Amanda’s Fun Ideas for Fabric Stickers and see how it all came together.

Project : DIY Countdown Frame

Dailylike Countdown Frame DIY Project

My niece is starting school this year and I thought it would be a wonderful experience if she could visually countdown to her very first day of school. So I created this cute little countdown frame in her favourite colours (pink and purple of course!) to help her keep track of the number of sleeps to go. I also wanted it to be re-usable for future countdowns, so by using washi tape and a chalk pen on the glass she can easily remove and re-use for many more exciting events to come!

Skill Level:

1 x Large Photo Frame (we used a B4 frame which is 257 x 364mm)
1 x Large Card Stock cut to the size of your frame (in our case 257 x 364mm)
Fabric Stickers of your choice (we used Dot Ground Lilac and Dot Ground Light Pink)
Washi Tape of your choice (we used Peony)
1 x A4 Coloured Paper
1 x Whiteboard Marker or Chalk Pen
1 x Small Kraft Ziplock Bag
Scissors, Double-sided Tape, and a Pencil

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Materials

Step One

Draw the letters of your child’s name on the reverse side of the fabric sticker then cut out with your scissors. Remember to draw your letters backwards so that they are the correct way when you stick them.

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Step One

Step Two

Download our free Countdown Frame printable and print it onto your A4 coloured paper. Cut out each piece with your scissors. We allowed a little gap from the black lines to give a 1-2mm border.

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Step Two

Step Three

Layout the letters and paper pieces on your card stock and add any other shapes or decoration that your child is fond of. When you are happy with the layout, peel the backing from the fabric sticker letters and attach, followed by the paper pieces with double-sided tape.

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Step Three

Step Four

Draw the first initial onto some fabric sticker and stick this onto the kraft ziplock bag (you can also add other shapes, etc). Cover your whiteboard marker or chalk pen with fabric sticker so that it all matches, then pop it into the kraft ziplock bag along with your washi tape.

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Step Four

Step Five

Remove the backing of your frame and insert the countdown card behind the glass, then you are done!

Dailylike Countdown Frame - Step Five

To use the Countdown Frame

Just write the special event with your whiteboard marker or chalk pen on the glass (within the long rectangle space), then create your number of sleeps with your washi tape. The washi tape is tearable so you don’t need any scissors, and you can use different sized lengths to create patterns and shapes. Each morning your child can remove the previous number and create the new number of sleeps to go. Then after you reach the special day you can simply wipe off the event with a cloth and start a new countdown!

Dailylike Countdown Frame DIY Project

There are so many exciting things in a child’s life that they can countdown to, and this is a great way for them to learn the space of time and also get a little creative each morning!

Sarah xx

3 Easy Ways to Decorate your Notebooks

With the new school year just a few weeks away, we thought we’d share a few ideas on how to decorate your notebooks to inspire creativity and eager learning for 2015!

1. First up is the super quick and easy spine option. Just add a few strips of Fabric Sticker or Washi Tape to spruce up the spine of your books. If you have a few notebooks that are similar, then this is a great way to “colour-code” your books for your different subjects.

Dailylike : Creative Ways to Decorate your Books

2. Second option is to create a cute design for your cover. Using a mix of Fabric Tape, Fabric Sticker and Washi Tape go crazy with shapes, colours and patterns.

Dailylike : Creative Ways to Decorate your Books

3. The third option is full coverage. If you’re not particularly fond of the design already on your notebooks, then this is the technique for you! You can either use a single design or mix it up with a few complementing designs. Here are a few examples using our A4 Fabric Stickers to completely cover the outside of your books. You can also add a little strip of Fabric Tape to write the subject or content of your book for easy reference.

Dailylike :Creative Ways to Decorate your Books

Of course you don’t actually have to be going back to school as a reason to cover your books with prettiness. Whether you are looking to start a journal, create a new recipe book, or maybe sketch in your spare time, any of your books can be decorated for creative inspiration!

Dailylike Fabric Sticker covered book

PS. Click here for the adhesive glitter and plain kraft notebooks used to create the Anchor and Cake notebooks in #2!

Project : Ice Cream Garland by Fiona Michelon

dailylike craft hunter diy icecream garland

Whip up a happy ice cream themed garland and matching cocktail stirrers for your next party with just a few basic supplies. I especially love the textured finish of these fabric stickers, it adds that extra special element that paper can’t give.

Cute motifs like ice creams, popsicles and sprinkles are really on trend at the moment, which is great news for us adults as it means we can now enjoy a bit of cuteness all to ourselves! Of course it’s also a perfect theme for kids parties and you could substitute the cocktail stirrers for little cupcake toppers – everyone’s a winner!

dailylike craft hunter diy icecream garland

Skill Level

1 x Fabric Sticker in Ice Cream – Sugar
1 x Fabric Sticker in Ice Cream – Macaron
1 x Fabric Sticker in Ice Cream – Cone
1 x Masking Stickers in Ice Cream
1 x Fabric Tape in Stripe – Beige
1 x Twine in Beige
Skewer sticks
Hole punch
Piece of plain paper


On the piece of plain paper, sketch out your ice cream design and cut out the individual pieces.


Use this as your template to trace onto the back of your fabric stickers then cut them out. (Don’t forget to trace your design in reverse so that it is the right way when you turn it around!)


The fabric stickers come with a piece of white cardboard in the packet which you can use as a backing for your garland (love that – hoorah for using leftovers!) Place your cut fabric stickers onto the cardboard and then cut around them.



I chose to just go one-sided as they’ll be hung against a wall but you could definitely do both sides if you wanted it hung across a room.

For the popsicles I used the Stripe Beige fabric tape for the little sticks.


Punch two holes in the top of each ice cream, about 1cm apart then just thread your twine through them all. Remember to leave enough twine either side for hanging! Secure on the back with a bit of the fabric tape.


For the cocktail stirrers (or cupcake toppers if making for kiddies!), simply pop a few of the sticker dots onto some skewer sticks. Put them on either side of the stick so they form a little double-sided sticker. Use the left over dots to decorate your glasses or coasters.

diy-icecream-garland-dailylike-crafthunter drink


This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Fiona Michelon of Craft Hunter.

Project : Dolly Pincushion by Magdalena Franco

Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion by The Craft Revival

Sewing definitely seems to be making a come-back at the moment, so we thought this would be a good opportunity to bring you this handy sewing tool DIY.  Design Team member Magdalena has definitely stepped things up in regards to the humble pin cushion – transforming the functional but sometimes boring sewing aid into this little delight.  You won’t want to hide this one in the sewing cupboard!

Skill Level

Supplies Required
1 x Dailylike Quarter Pack – Leaves
1 x Dailylike Fabric Sticker – Alley
Embroidery needle
Embroidery thread in various colours
Hobby fill (stuffing)
Felt (A6 piece for base of pin cushion)


Print and cut out the template pieces.

Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 1

Pin your template pieces to your chosen fabrics and cut them out. The base of the pincushion is to be cut from felt.

Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 2

Place the hair fabric piece onto the face fabric piece, pin in place and stitch around the hairline using a sewing machine or by hand-sewing.

Use the facial feature markings on the template as a guide to embroider onto your fabric face using embroidery thread to backstitch and long stitch. Cut two small circles from the fabric sticker and attach to the face to create rosy cheeks, or you can embroider some cheeks on instead.

Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 3

Lay your body piece over the bottom of the neck, pin in place and stitch around the collar leaving the raw cut edge of the doll’s clothes visible. Repeat with back of head and body.

Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 4

Sandwich your front and back doll pieces (head and body stitched together) with right sides facing each other. Pin and stitch around the edges leaving the bottom edge unstitched.

Snip all around the edges being careful not to cut through any stitched lines. Turn right side out and use hobby fill to stuff the head and neck.

Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 5

Hand-stitch a running stitch around the outside of the circle and gently pull the thread to gather the circle into a dome shape. Insert some stuffing and pull the dome shape closed. Repeat with second circle to create two buns for your doll’s hair

Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 6

Use a ladder stitch to attach the buns to each side of the dolls head making sure placement of buns is symmetrical. Add some hair ties by wrapping some embroidery thread (in a contrasting colour) around the base of the buns.

Insert more stuffing through the base of the doll’s body and hand stitch the felt piece onto the bottom of the fabric body using ladder stitch. Before closing the gap, insert some rice between the stuffing and felt to give the bottom of the pincushion some weight and stop it from tumbling over.

Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 7

Stick your pins into the buns and create a “necklace” by inserting pins around the dress collar

Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 8

Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 9

Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 10

This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Magdalena Franco of The Craft Revival.

Project : Rosettes 3 Ways by Magdalena Franco

dailylike fabric rosettes tutorial by The Craft Revival

Rosettes.  We’ve all seen them before, but lets face it – they’re pretty darn cute.  So this got us thinking, why let the kids have all the fun?  Let’s shower our beautiful mothers will rosette love! The very talented Magdalena from The Craft Revival has created these extra lovely Mother’s Day inspired twists on the humble rosette that we know you are going to love.

Skill Level

You’ll Need
1 x Fabric Sticker – First Love
1 x Fabric Sticker – Red Ribbon
1 x Twine Bobbin – Deep Yellow
Cardboard (either poster board or empty cereal boxes)
Circle template (if you don’t have one, trace around a small glass or something similar)
Sheet of baking paper
Hot glue gun
Scoring tool or blunt pointed object (a ballpoint pen with no ink works well)
Scrapbooking embellishments
Alphabet stickers

dailylike fabric rosettes the craft revival tutorial supplies


:: Basic Rosette ::
1.  On the back of a sheet of fabric sticker paper, rule two parallel lines across the longest side of the paper.  Use your ruler to guide your spacing.

2.  Now use your ruler to mark out 1cm marks across the top and bottom of the ruled sections.  Using your scorer or a blunt object, score lines between the 1cm marks which you made.

3.  Cut along the lines and you’ll be left with two long strips of fabric stickers with score marks along the entire length.

4.  Starting at one end, start concertina-folding along the score marks (think mountains and valleys).

dailylike fabric rosettes the craft revival tutorial step1-4

5.  Un-peel the end of one concertina strip and attach it to the second strip.

6.  Ensure that your valleys and mountains aren’t compromised and flow consistently – this might mean having to trim back to the next score line.

7.  Repeat with the remaining loose ends and you will be left with a zig-zag circle.  Flip the fabric side to the inside of the circle, so that the backing is on the outside.  It will make it easier to work with.

8.  Lay down a piece of baking paper on your work surface.  Gently gather the top of your circle and slowly lower it down into the centre.  This can be a little fiddly, so you’ll need to play around with it until it behaves.

9.  Whilst holding the rosette flat, gently bring the outside in so that you close the centre.  There will be a little gap in the centre, but that’s fine.

10.  With one hand holding the rosette together on your baking paper, carefully pipe some hot glue into the centre, pop your glue gun aside and use both hands to push the rosette together into the hot glue in the centre.   Hold it there for about a minute until the glue sets.

dailylike fabric rosettes the craft revival tutorial step5-10

11.  Attach a square of fabric onto a piece of cardboard and on the reverse of the cardboard, trace a circle onto it.  The circle should be smaller than your rosette, but large enough to act as a surface to embellish onto.  Attach your fabric covered circle to the front of your rosette using hot glue.

12.  Trace another circle onto a plain piece of cardboard.  Cut out and attach to the back of your rosette using hot glue.  This will provide more stability to your rosette and provide a surface to attach a brooch-back to make a pin or some twine for a hanging rosette.  Your rosette base is complete.


dailylike fabric rosette pin by The Craft Revival PIN

:: Rosette Pin ::

Embellish your fabric covered circle with stickers and scrapbooking embellishments and attach some lace trim close to the outside on the reverse before you attach your rosette.  Glue a brooch-back to the reverse, making sure you pay attention to placement so that your brooch won’t accidentally be upside down!

dailylike fabric rosette gift topper by The Craft Revival

:: Rosette Gift Topper ::

Cut a heart shape out of some felt and attach it to the front of the rosette centre with some hot glue.  Attach some foam alphabet stickers to spell out ‘MUM’.  Attach your rosette to a gift box using hot glue and place additional fabric sticker strips to create a faux ribbon on top of the box.

dailylike fabric rosette prize by The Craft Revival

:: Rosette Prize ::

Embellish the front of your rosette with a circle of felt and a 3D alpha letter.  Cut two strips out of contrasting fabric sticker 3-4cm wide and about 10cm long.  Cut a triangle out of each end to create a ribbon look.  Attach the ‘ribbons’ to the front of the cardboard circle.  Cut a length of twine, fold in half and tie a knot in the loose ends.  Attach it to the opposite end to the ribbons with some hot glue.  Attach the entire circle with ribbons and twine loop to the back of your rosette.  Now it’s ready to hang.

This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Magdalena Franco of The Craft Revival.

Inspiration : Fabric Tags

Dailylike Fabric Tags in Antique Flower Beige

If you’re looking for a way to take your gift wrapping up a notch without breaking the budget or spending too much time on it, then we’ve got a pretty solution for you!

Dailylike Fabric Tags in Minimums Indian Pink

It’s really super simple.  An easy way is to stick tags directly onto the adhesive side of our Fabric Stickers and cut them out.  We like to use the tags and hearts from the Alex Mae collection as they have a great mix of colours and shapes, but you can use any tags that you can get your hands on.

Otherwise if you want to go freestyle, you can draw your tags and shapes directly onto the back of the Fabric Stickers.  They have paper backing, so writing straight onto them is a cinch.  Add a little Twine and you’re all done.  Here we’ve used Fabric Sticker Minimums Indian Pink.

Dailylike Fabric Tags in Violet

This is one of our favourite colour combos – Fabric Sticker Violet in Violet and Red.  Add a button for extra cuteness.

Dailylike Fabric Tags in Beach

Looking for something a bit more colourful or bold?  You might like these tags using Fabric Stickers in Beach, Sand and Sunlight.  Makes us happy just looking at them!

Don’t forget, you don’t need to be limited to using paper for wrapping your gifts.  In the very first example, we’ve used the natural fabric from the Quarter Fabric Pack Sometimes and embellished with a tag made using the Fabric Sticker Antique Flower – Beige.

The best part is that with so many Fabric Stickers to choose from, the options are almost endless!  Happy gifting!

Project : Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! This year we made some adorable little cards using the Dailylike Fabric Stickers. The cute patterns were a perfect way to express the gooey feelings we have for that special someone. The best part is, you can make them too – and they’re totally customisable! We’ve provided free PDF templates for you to use. So go ahead, download the templates, pick your Fabric Stickers then get crafty and send some love that says “Look what I made for you!”

Here’s how…

1. Start by choosing and downloading the printable template(s) of your choice. (Click on the link under each image for the printable PDF)

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Peanut Butter + Jelly – Valentine’s Printable

Pizza My Heart

Pizza My Heart – Valentine’s Printable

Hello Sailor

Hello Sailor – Valentine’s Printable

Light Up My Life

Light Up My Life – Valentine’s Printable

Love Is Sweet

Love Is Sweet – Valentine’s Printable

Butter Half

Butter Half – Valentine’s Printable

Ape About You

Ape About You – Valentine’s Printable

2. Print your chosen design onto A4 card stock. (It helps to make sure there is no page scaling when you print.)

3. Cut along the dotted line to separate your stencil templates from the card itself. Then cut out each of the stencil silhouettes from the template half.

4. Select the fabric stickers you would like to use and trace each silhouette shape onto the back of your chosen fabric stickers. Make sure you have the shapes face down when tracing (i.e. printed side down) so that your design will be the right way when you stick them onto your card.

5. Once you have traced all of your fabric sticker pieces, use scissors to cut out these shapes. Place the cut-out pieces onto your card so you get an idea on spacing and where you want to stick each piece. Once you are happy with the layout, simply peel off the backing paper and stick each piece in place.

6. Finished! Your card is ready to write lovely words in and send to your sweetheart. Happy Valentine’s Day!

This project was created by Dailylike Australia.