Look what we made at The Finders Keepers!

We had a crafting good time at The Finders Keepers in Sydney earlier this month. Here’s a few of our photos plus some gorgeous Instagram shares to show you the wonderful creativity of our clever workshoppers.

Fabric Wall Hanging Workshop

Dailylike Workshops : Fabric Wall Hangings

Dailylike Workshops - Photo by neehopkins

Photo credit @neehopkins

Dailylike Workshops - Photo by megarama

Photo credit @megarama

Selfie Softie Workshop

Dailylike Workshops - Selfie Softies

Dailylike Workshops - Photo by sew_in_the_moment

Photo credit @sew_in_the_moment

Surprise Garland Workshop

Dailylike Workshops - Surprise Garlands

Dailylike Workshops - Photo by paperandpin

Photo credit @paperandpin

A big, gigantic thank you to our lovely workshop co-hosts for the weekend, Fiona Michelon of Craft Hunter and Rin Dawson of Papered Thoughts, and a massive thank you to The Chaos Club for joining us with our pop-up shop adventures!

In other exciting news, we have added our Blank Softies to our online store so you can now make your own Selfie Softies at home! Hooray! Have fun crafters…

Cute Easter Cake Toppers

It doesn’t have to be all about the chocolate eggs this Easter. There are plenty of other yummy sweets that you can dress up with an Easter twist! Here are two quick ideas…

1. Decorate some bunny rabbit cut-outs with fabric tape, attach to toothpicks and pop them on top of home-made cupcakes or muffins. Tie some natural string around the base to finish it off. So cute!

Cute Easter Bunny Cake Toppers with Dailylike Fabric Tape

2. Create miniature flags with Easter themed washi tape, then add them to your sweet treats for a little bit of fun. This is a quick and easy option for when you don’t have much time on your hands. Just cut a strip of washi tape to double the length of your flag, fold the tape in half around the top of your toothpick, and cut a “V” at the end. Done! And looking fabulous!

Cute Easter Flag Cake Toppers with Dailylike Washi Tape

With just under 2 weeks ’til Easter, we hope your Easter projects are coming along nicely!

PS. Tea Time fabric tape and Botanic Garden washi tape were used for the examples above.

3 Easy Ways to Decorate your Notebooks

With the new school year just a few weeks away, we thought we’d share a few ideas on how to decorate your notebooks to inspire creativity and eager learning for 2015!

1. First up is the super quick and easy spine option. Just add a few strips of Fabric Sticker or Washi Tape to spruce up the spine of your books. If you have a few notebooks that are similar, then this is a great way to “colour-code” your books for your different subjects.

Dailylike : Creative Ways to Decorate your Books

2. Second option is to create a cute design for your cover. Using a mix of Fabric Tape, Fabric Sticker and Washi Tape go crazy with shapes, colours and patterns.

Dailylike : Creative Ways to Decorate your Books

3. The third option is full coverage. If you’re not particularly fond of the design already on your notebooks, then this is the technique for you! You can either use a single design or mix it up with a few complementing designs. Here are a few examples using our A4 Fabric Stickers to completely cover the outside of your books. You can also add a little strip of Fabric Tape to write the subject or content of your book for easy reference.

Dailylike :Creative Ways to Decorate your Books

Of course you don’t actually have to be going back to school as a reason to cover your books with prettiness. Whether you are looking to start a journal, create a new recipe book, or maybe sketch in your spare time, any of your books can be decorated for creative inspiration!

Dailylike Fabric Sticker covered book

PS. Click here for the adhesive glitter and plain kraft notebooks used to create the Anchor and Cake notebooks in #2!

Project : Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Fiona Michelon

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

Skill level

Supplies needed:
– 1 x set of Fabric Tape in Afresh
– 1 x set of Fabric Stickers in Afresh
– 1 x Beige Twine
– 1 x Dailylike Lace DL06
– Fresh flowers
– Fabric napkins
– Small gift boxes
– Hole punch
– Metal napkin rings (optional)
– Pencil and Scissors

I love the idea of staying away from the traditional Christmas styles and just making a beautiful, homely entertaining space that feels really special for the festive season. With a combo of soft greens, fabric textures and fresh flowers you can make a space that still has a Christmas vibe, but will have your guests talking about your dinner party for years to come.

The trick is to choose just a few colours or patterns and stick with just those in a variety of applications. The end result will look really interesting but still uniformed thanks to the repeated colour scheme.

Mix a combo of fresh flowers and fake fabric leaves for a really pretty look.


Step 1
Sketch out some leaf shapes onto the back of your green fabric sticker and cut them out with scissors. For these green leaves, leave a tab shape that’s approx. 1cm at the bottom of the leaf. Repeat these steps with some extra leaves in the floral and grid pattern stickers too but just cut these with a rounded bottom. Punch a hole in the bottom of these coloured leaves.

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

Step 2
Use your Fabric Tape to decorate some plain linen napkins. Cut some mini triangles to decorate the bottom, and for others just apply a solid strip of tape across the bottom.
It can look really beautiful with mixed patterns in a similar colour scheme so have fun with it!

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

Step 3
Now it’s time to put your napkin rings together. I tried two different styles:

– Style A
Cut some fresh flowers and tie them together with your twine leaving 15cm of twine either side of the knot. Use this twine to tie your napkin in the middle.
Remove the backing area of the tab shape on your green leaves and stick these to place amongst your flowers.
Tie a piece of lace around the twine too and finish with a simple knot.

– Style B
Place your metal napkin ring onto your napkin. Cut some fresh flowers and tuck them in behind the napkin ring.
Remove the backing area of the tab shape on your green leaves and stick these to place amongst your flowers.

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

Step 4
Use your remaining fabric stickers to decorate some mini gift boxes and use them as a favour box / place card.
The fabric stickers come with a brown paper backing which you can actually use to create little name tags. Punch a hole in the top and thread it on some twine along with your coloured leaves and tie it around your gift box.

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

Step 5
Use the twine to tie a pretty bow around your cutlery too.

Christmas Napkin Rings & Placecards by Craft Hunter for Dailylike

This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Fiona Michelon of Craft Hunter.

Kaleidoscope Blog : Christmas Gift Guide 2014

We are so happy to see our Wish Wish Fabric Tape included in the Wrapping section of Kaleidoscope‘s Christmas Gift Guide for 2014!

Dailylike Fabric Tape in Kaleidoscope Christmas Gift Guide

A delightful mix of festive red and green, Wish Wish is perfect for your Christmas gift wrapping.  Here’s a close up!

Dailylike Wish Wish Christmas Fabric Tape

And here’s a few crafty ideas for what you can do with this gorgeous tape…

Dailylike Wish Wish Christmas Fabric Tape

Dailylike Wish Wish Christmas Fabric Tape

Kaleidoscope’s Christmas Gift Guide is full of amazing gifts and Christmas goodies so we definitely recommend you check it out. Click here to see what it’s all about.

And a big thank you to Amanda Fuller for including us!

Getting ready for Christmas

Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms

With the Christmas countdown getting closer we thought we’d share our Christmas Advent Prisms with you again as they are just so darn cute. Can you believe this was the very first DIY project we created nearly a year ago!? It has been an amazing 12 months and there is still plenty more to come! This combination uses the Celebrate Fabric Tape and the free printable template and step-by-step instructions can be found here.

Inspiration : A Fun & Cheap Alternative to Wall Paper

It’s no secret that one of our favourite Dailylike products are the Solid Fabric Tapes.  They come in all sorts of lovely colours such as peach, pink, sky blue and many more! You can’t really appreciate how beautiful they are until you see them in real life!

Dailylike Solid Fabric Tapes

So when we came across this awesome DIY wall-paper alternative by Everything Emily, we knew that our fabric tapes would be perfect for the job!

Everything Emily Washi Wallpaper

Everything Emily Washi Wallpaper

Everything Emily Washi Wallpaper

Jump over to Emily’s blog for full instructions and all sorts of other inspiration.

Not into the crosses so much?  Experiment with other simple shapes.  We think simple heart shapes would look super sweet too.

This DIY Washi Tape Wall Decals project was created by Everything Emily and found via Mommo Design.

Project : Christmas Advent Prisms

Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms

8 x A4 paper
25 x Advent treats
Double sided tape
Colouring pencils, crayons, pens or markers (optional)
– – – – –
Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Download the Dailylike Advent Prisms Template and print it onto A4 paper. The template includes 25 prisms and 25 joke inserts. We have used plain copy paper for our example and it’s best to make sure there is no page scaling when you print.
Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Use scissors to cut along the solid lines for each of the prisms and joke inserts. Then the colouring is optional but if you want to add some extra colour, now is the time to do it! Here we have used coloured markers.
Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Take a prism and fold along the dotted lines. Unfold and lay your prism flat with the design facing up. Add double sided tape to the 3 tabs (attach on the same side as the printed design). It helps to trim the tape on diagonals to match the tabs.
Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Fold in the bottom and side tabs again then peel the backing from the double sided tape. Fold the other half of the prism on top to make a pocket and press firmly along the taped edges.
Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Gently squeeze the top edges of your pocket to make the prism shape, then pop a joke and treat inside.
Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Peel off the backing from your top tab and tuck the tab into the prism. Press firmly along the top edge to secure this tab.
Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Cut a piece of Fabric Tape to 6cm, remove the backing and attach across the top edge of your prism. Repeat for the bottom edge and you have created an Advent Prism!
Do Steps 3 to 7 for each of your cut-out prisms then gather in a basket, string into a garland or place along the mantle for an adorable count down to Christmas Day!
– – – – –
We have used Daily Christmas for the example above. Here are a few more variations you can try…
Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms
Soft and sweet with Celebrate

Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms

Bold and striking with Snow Bell

Dailylike Christmas Advent Prisms

Festive and traditional with Twinkle


And here are some Advent treat ideas…
Vintage Jewels
Vintage jewels for your best friend


Brightly coloured confetti


Lego fun for little boys

Hand Made Crocheted Hair Clips

Cute hair clips for little girls


Sweet mints

Cute Toys

Cute toys!

This project was created by Dailylike Australia.