Box it! A Quick & Pretty Gift Wrap Alternative.

If you’re anything like us you might melt a little for beautifully packaged presents. However, no matter how good our intentions are – we just never seem to have as much time as we’d like to do anything too elaborate. Fortunately for us (and you!), Dailylike have a whole range of gorgeous gift boxes!

These are just a couple of our favourites, but you can check out the entire rangeĀ here.

Dailylike Gift Boxes

Keep a few of these handy for emergency gift wrapping! And for extra wow factor, look no further than your backyard or herb garden and add a tiny flourish of greenery.

If you’ve got some time on your hands or are feeling a little crafty then you might want to check out this post by Design Team Member Sam Dunne for lots more wrapping inspiration and instructions!