9 Christmas Gift Wrapping Essentials

With Christmas in just over two weeks, we’re sharing 9 of our Christmas gift wrapping essentials to help you prepare for the busy wrapping season ahead.

1. Let’s start with the basics – you need paper, and lots of it! Here’s where our Daily Christmas Paper Set steps up to the plate.  With 36 sheets of pretty designs you’ll have plenty to play with.

Dailylike Paper Set - Daily Christmas

2. Giving home made treats? You might want to get a few of our Kraft Ziplock Bags. Combining ziplock freshness with the beauty of kraft paper, it’s a match made in heaven.

Dailylike Kraft Ziplock Bags

3. If subtlety is your thing then you’ll want some of our Glass Tape. Clear cello tape with beautiful designs, it’s also great for decorating glass jars.

Dailylike Glass Tape - Crown and Lace

4. Wondering how you can jazz up your gift of cash or vouchers? Our Patterned Envelopes are just what you need!

Dailylike Patterned Envelopes - Small - Gold Dot and Gold Stripe

5. Nothing says Christmas like classic red and white. Our gorgeous Thick Red Twine looks great with minimum effort needed!

Dailylike Thick Red Twine

6. Add some festive cheer with our lovely Fabric Tapes. Easy to use, they add a pop of colour and texture when you need it. This pretty little set is Snow Bell.

Dailylike Fabric Tape - Snow Bell - Christmas

7. Sometimes you can get stuck wrapping a weird shaped present. Gift Boxes to the rescue! We have a great mix of shapes and sizes to help you out.

Dailylike Pillow Box - Large and Small - Rudolph

8. Want to show off your Christmas treats? Grab a few of our Clear Gift Bags – they look cute and you can still see what’s inside.

Dailylike Clear Gift Bag - Small - Gold Dot

9. And of course you can’t be without some awesome Washi Tapes to dress up your gift wrapping. Our pick is this super cute Winter Green set which features mini Christmas tress and snowflakes.

Dailylike Washi Tape - Winter Green - Christmas Tree and Snowflakes

So now that we’ve equipped you with what you need, let the wrapping begin!

Wrapping Inspiration from Dunne With Style

You know how much we love our gift wrapping (and if you don’t, well we like it A LOT!), so to see a beautiful gift wrapping idea using our very own Dailylike washi tape, well that just sends us over the moon!

Last month the ever-lovely Sam Dunne of Dunne With Style shared this super easy, yet super awesome, watercolour wrapping paper idea, with cute little bunting made with Dandelion washi tape.

Watercolour Gift Wrapping by Dunne With Style

Wouldn’t it just make your day if you received a fabulously wrapped gift like this?

We love Sam’s gorgeous style and her unique approach to all things creative. If you ever need some honest, down-to-earth inspiration and advice, with a few delicious home recipes in between, then make sure you pop over to Sam’s Dunne With Style blog and benefit from the wisdom of this very lovely lady. She can help you with making no zip cushion covers, inspire you with positivity through her Monday Musing posts, plus Sam has a tasty thermomix adaptation of Jamie Oliver’s Tomato Ketchup recipe! Need we say more?

Kaleidoscope Blog : Our Expert Tips for Christmas Gift Wrapping

Dailylike Christmas Gift Wrapping for Kaleidoscope Blog

We are very honoured to have featured on the Kaleidoscope blog with some of our Christmas gift wrapping ideas! We created three colour themes to inspire you: Bold + Bright (shown above), Subtle + Natural, and Cheery + Festive. Make sure you pop over to Kaleidoscope to see the full feature here.

Thank you to Amanda Fuller for this wonderful opportunity to share a little of what we do!

Project : Festive Wrap by Sam Dunne

Festive Wrap by Dunne with Style for Dailylike Australia

Christmas is my favourite time of year, the chance to gift wrap a whole lot of presents is like the icing on the cake for me.

I start by wrapping all of my presents in a neutral base paper (I have a weakness for brown paper) and then make a big pile of embellishments that way I can mix and match and try different layers and combinations. My favourite element of wrapping is texture and the mixture of paper and fabric is such a simple but effective contrast.

Here are a few tricks that I like to use to make my wrapping extra special.

Quarter Fabric Pack : Dear Linen
Fabric Sticker : Dear Linen – Grove
Cotton Ribbon : Leaf Line
Fabric Buttons : Wish Wish
Twine Bobbin : Beige

Fabric Ribbon
Festive Wrap by Dunne with Style for Dailylike AustraliaMake a small cut at the top of your fabric and then simply tear strips in a variety of widths to make your fabric ribbon.

Festive Wrap by Dunne with Style for Dailylike AustraliaButtons are great way to add a pop of colour and some height to your wrap.

Fabric Sticker Rosette
Festive Wrap by Dunne with Style for Dailylike AustraliaCut a 1.5 inch strip lengthways from the fabric sticker sheet.
Concertina fold the strip (you can pre mark even intervals on the back if you need).
Peel back the adhesive from just the last fold and attach it to the first concertina fold to create a ring.
Press the centre to create your rosette and affix with a little glue.
Attach a button to the centre.
Use your fabric and cotton ribbon to layer up and create tails for the rosette.
Festive Wrap by Dunne with Style for Dailylike Australia

Herb Wreaths
Festive Wrap by Dunne with Style for Dailylike AustraliaCreate rings of herbs tied up with twine and embellish with a cute button.

There are so many wonderful combinations that you can create with just a few items. I hope this has inspired you for your Christmas wrapping this year.

Festive Wrap by Dunne with Style for Dailylike Australia

This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Sam Dunne of Dunne with Style.

Inspiration : Pretty Gift Bag Envelopes

It is certainly no secret that we just LOVE gift wrapping here at Dailylike Australia HQ. So we thought we would share some pretty gift wrapping inspiration using our lovely Gift Bag Envelopes.

Dailylike Gift Bag Envelopes

Dailylike Gift Bag Envelopes

The bags are super easy to use – just pop your goodies in the bag then decide if you want to fold, roll, or pleat to close. The packs come with cute little stickers that you can attach, and you can add some beautiful ribbon or twine to finish.

Dailylike Gift Bag Envelopes

Dailylike Gift Bag Envelopes

Dailylike Gift Bag Envelopes

Dailylike Gift Bag Envelopes

Dailylike Gift Bag Envelopes

Dailylike Gift Bag Envelopes

Dailylike Gift Bag Envelopes

Feeling inspired? You can see all of the gorgeous designs here.

Box it! A Quick & Pretty Gift Wrap Alternative.

If you’re anything like us you might melt a little for beautifully packaged presents. However, no matter how good our intentions are – we just never seem to have as much time as we’d like to do anything too elaborate. Fortunately for us (and you!), Dailylike have a whole range of gorgeous gift boxes!

These are just a couple of our favourites, but you can check out the entire range here.

Dailylike Gift Boxes

Keep a few of these handy for emergency gift wrapping! And for extra wow factor, look no further than your backyard or herb garden and add a tiny flourish of greenery.

If you’ve got some time on your hands or are feeling a little crafty then you might want to check out this post by Design Team Member Sam Dunne for lots more wrapping inspiration and instructions!

Project : Wrap It by Sam Dunne

Dailylike Gift Wrapping by Dunne with Style

Receiving a well wrapped gift is (to me!) a gift in itself – give me gorgeous gift wrap and I’d be quite happy with an empty box!! Good looking gifts don’t have to be put in the ‘too hard’ basket though, with a few quick embellishments and my top tips you’ll have the art of gorgeous gifts all wrapped up.

My top tips for simple yet gorgeous gift wrap:

1. Colour combinations : Keep it simple
2. Prints : Mix them up
3. Texture : Is a must

The great news is that Dailylike has done all of the hard work for you in sticking to my top tips. Shop their ‘stories’ across products and you’ve got co-ordinated colour combinations and prints across a range of textures and elements.

Dailylike Gift Wrapping by Dunne with Style

Skill Level

Dailylike Wrapping Paper – Daily Gray
Dailylike Wrapping Paper – Winter Forest
Dailylike Twine Bobbin – Deep Yellow
Dailylike Twine Bobbin – Gray
Dailylike Fabric Buttons – Petit

Embellish It

:: Paper tassels ::
Dailylike Paper Tassels

Cut a piece of paper double the width you want your finished tassel length:
Small tassel 3 inches x 4 inches
Large tassel 4 inches x 6 inches

Fold your paper in half.  Using scissors or a blade, cut at regular intervals leaving approx. ¼ inch uncut at the top (where the folded edge is).  Roll up your tassel and secure the end with double sided tape.

Dailylike Paper Tassels

Give it as much or as little ‘fluffing up’ as you desire.

:: Twine Poms ::
Dailylike Gift Wrap PomsDailylike Gift Wrap Poms

Use the twine pom tutorial from my Dailylike Easter project and add a few twigs for stems to create a bundle of pom blooms to your gifts.

:: Twine Tassels ::
Dailylike Gift Wrap Twine TasselsDailylike Gift Wrap Twine Tassels

Wrap your twine around something the width of your desired finished tassel length.  The more you wrap, the fuller your tassel will be.  I used the width of my 3 fingers and wrapped around 50 times.

Slide your bundle off and tie the top off with a second piece of twine.  Take another piece of twine and wrap around the bundle about ¼ inch from the top.

Cut the bottom of the loops and trim as desired.

Dailylike Gift Wrap Twine Tassels Tutorial:: Twine Bundles ::
Dailylike Gift Wrap Twine BundleDailylike Gift Wrap Twine Bundle

Wrap your twine around something the width of your desired finished bundle.  I used the width of my 2 fingers and wrapped around 15 times.

Slide your bundle off and tie the centre with a second piece of twine.

Affix button to the bundle centre with a piece of twine.  Gently pull the loops open and around the button.

Dailylike Gift Wrap Twine Bundle TutorialDailylike Gift Wrap Twine Bundle Tutorial

:: Buttons ::
Dailylike Gift Wrap Fabric ButtonsA few buttons and twine are the quickest cutest fool-proof embellishment, thread through and ta-dah!

This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Sam Dunne of Dunne with Style.

Project : Surprise Snailmail Garland by Rin Dawson

Dailylike Mother's Day Garland by Papered Thoughts

We all know how wonderful it is opening up your mailbox only to discover a pretty little package waiting just for you! But here’s something even better.  Mail that you can put up on the wall – yes please! Create this lovely little garland for Mum, pop it in a mailing tube and you have a little surprise “I Love You!” reminder for her wall.

Skill Level

1x Collecting Paper – Childhood
1x Masking Tape – Murmur
1x Mailing Tube
1x Sheet Kraft Cardboard
1x Bobbin of Twine
Double Sided Tape

Dailylike Mother's Day Garland MaterialsDailylike Mother's Day Garland MaterialsDailylike Mother's Day Garland Materials


Using the double sided tape stick some small square cuts of the patterned paper to the kraft cardboard. I used a few of my most favourite designs – but there are 16 in each paper pack to choose from!

Dailylike Mother's Day Garland - Step 1

Write out your message on the reverse side of the patterned paper. Make sure you write it as a mirror image! Otherwise it’ll turn out back to front!  I went with a very simple “I Love You Mum” but you can get as creative as you want!

Dailylike Mother's Day Garland - Step 2

After all your letters are cut out – line them up and use the washi tape to attach the twine to the letters, creating a hanging garland.

Dailylike Mother's Day Garland - Step 3

Add some washi flags for an extra loveliness by folding a piece of washi tape over the twine and trimming the ends.

Dailylike Mother's Day Garland - Step 4

Take a moment to admire your fantastical “I love you” garland up on the wall before we create the mailing tube to house it through the post!

Dailylike Mother's Day Garland - Step 5

Take your mailing tube (I upcycled one that was sent to me) and use the double sided tape to adhere a sheet of the patterned paper to cover it. Use the Washi tape to cover each end of the tube (it’ll make it look a little more professional).

Dailylike Mother's Day Garland - Step 6

Attach the twine to the end of the mailing tube lid by poking a small hole with the scissors and AFTER threading the twine through the WHOLE tube thread it through the lid of the tube and tie and knot (this will ensure when they pull open the tube it doesn’t fall all the way out).

Dailylike Mother's Day Garland - Step 7

Attach the other end of the twine to the other lid of the mailing tube using the same method. Now when they open the tube the garland will pop out all untangled!

Dailylike Mother's Day Garland - Step 8Dailylike Mother's Day Garland - Step 9

Finally all you need to do it create a sweet mailing label.  Use the Kraft Paper and frame it with a different patterned paper! Oh and don’t forget a little “Open this end” sticker!

Dailylike Mother's Day Garland - Step 10Dailylike Mother's Day Garland - Step 11

This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Rin Dawson of Papered Thoughts.

Inspiration : Fabric Tags

Dailylike Fabric Tags in Antique Flower Beige

If you’re looking for a way to take your gift wrapping up a notch without breaking the budget or spending too much time on it, then we’ve got a pretty solution for you!

Dailylike Fabric Tags in Minimums Indian Pink

It’s really super simple.  An easy way is to stick tags directly onto the adhesive side of our Fabric Stickers and cut them out.  We like to use the tags and hearts from the Alex Mae collection as they have a great mix of colours and shapes, but you can use any tags that you can get your hands on.

Otherwise if you want to go freestyle, you can draw your tags and shapes directly onto the back of the Fabric Stickers.  They have paper backing, so writing straight onto them is a cinch.  Add a little Twine and you’re all done.  Here we’ve used Fabric Sticker Minimums Indian Pink.

Dailylike Fabric Tags in Violet

This is one of our favourite colour combos – Fabric Sticker Violet in Violet and Red.  Add a button for extra cuteness.

Dailylike Fabric Tags in Beach

Looking for something a bit more colourful or bold?  You might like these tags using Fabric Stickers in Beach, Sand and Sunlight.  Makes us happy just looking at them!

Don’t forget, you don’t need to be limited to using paper for wrapping your gifts.  In the very first example, we’ve used the natural fabric from the Quarter Fabric Pack Sometimes and embellished with a tag made using the Fabric Sticker Antique Flower – Beige.

The best part is that with so many Fabric Stickers to choose from, the options are almost endless!  Happy gifting!