Project : Ice Cream Garland by Fiona Michelon

dailylike craft hunter diy icecream garland

Whip up a happy ice cream themed garland and matching cocktail stirrers for your next party with just a few basic supplies. I especially love the textured finish of these fabric stickers, it adds that extra special element that paper can’t give.

Cute motifs like ice creams, popsicles and sprinkles are really on trend at the moment, which is great news for us adults as it means we can now enjoy a bit of cuteness all to ourselves! Of course it’s also a perfect theme for kids parties and you could substitute the cocktail stirrers for little cupcake toppers – everyone’s a winner!

dailylike craft hunter diy icecream garland

Skill Level

1 x Fabric Sticker in Ice Cream – Sugar
1 x Fabric Sticker in Ice Cream – Macaron
1 x Fabric Sticker in Ice Cream – Cone
1 x Masking Stickers in Ice Cream
1 x Fabric Tape in Stripe – Beige
1 x Twine in Beige
Skewer sticks
Hole punch
Piece of plain paper


On the piece of plain paper, sketch out your ice cream design and cut out the individual pieces.


Use this as your template to trace onto the back of your fabric stickers then cut them out. (Don’t forget to trace your design in reverse so that it is the right way when you turn it around!)


The fabric stickers come with a piece of white cardboard in the packet which you can use as a backing for your garland (love that – hoorah for using leftovers!) Place your cut fabric stickers onto the cardboard and then cut around them.



I chose to just go one-sided as they’ll be hung against a wall but you could definitely do both sides if you wanted it hung across a room.

For the popsicles I used the Stripe Beige fabric tape for the little sticks.


Punch two holes in the top of each ice cream, about 1cm apart then just thread your twine through them all. Remember to leave enough twine either side for hanging! Secure on the back with a bit of the fabric tape.


For the cocktail stirrers (or cupcake toppers if making for kiddies!), simply pop a few of the sticker dots onto some skewer sticks. Put them on either side of the stick so they form a little double-sided sticker. Use the left over dots to decorate your glasses or coasters.

diy-icecream-garland-dailylike-crafthunter drink


This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Fiona Michelon of Craft Hunter.