NEW! 2015 Dual Planners

Dailylike 2015 Dual Monthly Planner - Anemone

Feel like you are living two lives? Finding it hard to manage the planning for different parts of your life? Well our new 2015 Dual Planners may be just what you need!

In these planners each double page spread shows two of the same month side-by-side.  This handy feature makes them absolutely perfect for separating and managing two different aspects of our very busy lives! Depending on how you like to think and plan, you could split your schedule into [Work + Personal], [Study + Social], [His + Hers], [Family + School] – it’s up to you!

Dailylike 2015 Dual Monthly Planner

The planners are spiral bound so you can easily lay them flat or prop it up on your desk, and there is a clear plastic cover to help protect your planner from getting damaged. Each calendar page is an A4 sheet so there is plenty of space for writing what you need.

Dailylike 2015 Dual Monthly Planner - Nature

These planners are available to order now so visit your nearest stockist or pop over to the online store to nab yourself one asap. We think these planners are going to make our lives a lot easier to manage this coming year!

NEW Daily Planners!

Dailylike Diary - Winter Fox

We are very excited to share our new daily planners with you all! With a lovely soft cover that is nice and flexible, these beautiful books are the perfect way to get yourself organised for the new year ahead.

Dailylike Diary - Feather

So we know you’ll agree that the cover designs are gorgeous, but want to know what is inside?  Open the cover and you will be delighted to find:

Yearly Plan – A double page spread which shows the whole year overview. With a box for each month, this is good for bigger picture planning!

Dailylike Diary - Yearly Plan

Monthly Plan – There are 14 double page spreads with a month-to-view. Here you can map out your plans for each month. These pages also have a space down the side where you can write your goals for the month and things like that. As an added bonus, with more than 12 months included you can still be planning a couple of months ahead as you get towards the end of the year which is always handy.

Dailylike Diary - Monthly Plan

Daily Plan – These pages have a blank space at the top so you can write general things that are on, plus lines down the bottom for schedules or to-do’s. There are 184 pages of daily plans with 2 days per page to give you a total of 368 days.

Dailylike Diary - Daily Plan

Blank Notes – There are 22 pages of blank pages at the end for you to draw, write notes, attach photos, whatever you choose! This is a great place to keep all of your ideas.

Dailylike Diary - Blank Note Pages

You’ll see that the month and day pages are ‘dateless’ so you can fill in the dates as you need them. Now this might sound like a little bit of a chore, but you can get really creative with decorating your pages! Choose to do them all in one go, or as the months come up.

Dailylike Diary

The planner also comes with a cute 100% cotton pouch for safe-keeping (or you could use the pouch for other crafty treasures like washi tape or buttons!).

Dailylike Diary - Feather

Our daily planners are available to order now so visit your nearest stockist or jump over to the online store. We have so many exciting plans for 2015 and we can’t wait to use our planners to help us stay organised!

Celebrate the Half Year!

Wow, can you believe we are in the second half of the year!? Now if you are thinking “Oh my, half way through the year already! I need to get organised!”, then we have the perfect planning solution for you!

Allow us to introduce you to our gorgeous Monthly Planning Books

Dailylike Monthly Planning Book Wine

It is never too late to get yourself moving in the right direction and these little planners make it super easy to collate your schedule, thoughts, ideas and scribbles all in the one place.

Dailylike Monthly Planning Book Gray Beige

To gather your thoughts and help you get organised, inside you will find:
1 x Yearly planner
14 x Monthly planners
80 x Lined pages
62 x Blank pages

Dailylike Monthly Planning Book

The yearly planner is “day-less” and the monthly planners are “date-less” so you can use them for any year and any month. The lined pages have a faint dotted line down the middle so you can easily write lists, and the blank pages are great for drawing little sketches or creating a collage.

Dailylike Monthly Planning Book Beige

Fabric covered with elastic closure and ribbon bookmark, the book fits conveniently in your bag for those random moments of inspiration or when you need to jot down an important meeting. Available in Wine, Gray, Beige and Navy, which colour will you choose?

Dailylike Monthly Planning Book Navy