Unleash Creative Wrap Up by Kelly K

Last weekend Unleash Creative rolled into the sunshine state, and didn’t we put on a crackin’ weekend for them. It’s hard to believe Winter officially starts in less than a week.

Run by the mastermind behind The Craft Revival, Magdalena Franco, Unleash Creative promised to bring out your inner child, encourage you to learn some new skills whilst getting your hands dirty in a fun and creative kinda way and meet a bunch of rad people whilst doing it. And they delivered.

Unleash Creative BrisbaneUnleash Creative Brisbane

On arrival we all selected our own coloured name badge without thinking too much about it. I’m pretty sure most people picked their favourite colour. I picked yellow to match my earrings – serious decisions right there people. We then got our first surprise of the day. The colour of your name badge indicated what group you would be a part of for the rest of the day. Initially you could see a look of terror flicker across the faces of some people when they realised they were not going to be with their bestie. That lasted for the whole of 30 seconds, with everyone quickly getting down to business (the crafting kind) and getting to know one other. The whole point of this exercise was to meet some new people and we did just that. I’m sure by the end of the day there were lots of new friendships formed – so thanks for that little push Mags!!

Unleash Creative - Mary AnnUnleash Creative - Mary Ann

This is Mary Ann – a practicing weaver, artist and designer and on-board with Unleash Creative to teach us a little bit of Pasifika weaving magic. Once we were taught the basics of weaving we realised it’s a relatively simple process that can yield amazing results. We didn’t want to stop. She’s definitely infected us with her weaving bug! Think you might like to try your hand at weaving? Jump onto Mary Ann’s website for future workshop dates, or get involved with The Million Stars Project – weaving communities of courage to end violence.

Unleash Creative Lulu LuckyUnleash Creative Lulu Lucky

Next up, the ever so lovely Kara from Lulu Lucky had the group working wonders on tissue paper to make cute tassel garlands or wall hangings (whichever took your fancy). Look at all those glorious tissue paper colours!  Kara’s material of choice for crafting is paper.  If this is also your thing, we suggest you follow her on Instagram to stay in the loop about upcoming workshops and for lots of other lovely inspiration.  Have you seen her paper chandeliers?!  They’re magical.

Unleash Creative AlfalkyUnleash Creative Alfalky

Not long after, we took a seat at the crafting station that belonged to Alex Falkiner of Alfalky. At each setting we were allocated a bunch of rough fabric strips about 1 inch wide. Yes, the colours were pretty but other than that, they didn’t look like much. One could easily mistake the fabric strips for rubbish. Enter Alex – the queen of re-purposing scraps and offcuts into glorious everyday objects such as homewares and jewellery. Before I knew it I was half way through creating my own woven coaster. This woman is a genius.

Last up we had calligraphy and I must admit I was more than a little apprehensive about the calligraphy workshop. It looks so intimidating with all those perfect little flourishes and carefully crafted lines, but I was in good hands. This session was taught by the super lovely Louise of Floralovely who told us all to relax and showed us how to master that odd-looking pen and create beautiful calligraphy with our own twist. My handwriting in particular is inconsistent at best, and I definitely don’t practice cursive anymore. The outcome – either it’s not as hard as it looks or we had a really great teacher. I think it’s a bit of both.

Unleash Creative Velvetier

There is no denying that the food was also a highlight for us. The ladies at Velvetier sure know how to put on a spread. Some of the culinary delights included fruity meringues, the most amazing hand painted gingerbread cookies, chocolate marshmallows and macarons that looked like mini burgers. And this was just morning tea! There was definitely no going-hungry at this event and fortunately this crafting business definitely works up an appetite.

Full credit to Magdalena (and her little army of helpers behind the scenes) just for getting that amount of talent under one roof, let alone running an event that ran like clockwork. Anyone who didn’t know any better would think this event had been rolled out ten times before.

If you like what you see here then make sure you sign up for the Unleash Creative newsletter so you don’t miss the next one. And if you think you’re not creative enough – don’t be silly. With this bunch of talented (and patient) mentors, this is no-pressure crafting at it’s best.  We’re so looking forward to the next event!

Unleash Creative Rolls Into Sydney

Unleash Creative Sydney

Have you got plans next weekend?  ‘No’ we hear you say!  Well if you’re a Sydneysider, we’ve got some good news for you.  Unleash Creative is rolling into town and we’re telling you now – you won’t want to miss it!

Unleash Creative Sydney

But what is Unleash Creative?  Brought to you by Dailylike Design Team member and creative mastermind behind The Craft Revival blog, Magdalena Franco, it is an intimate style workshop designed to unleash your creative brilliance.   You’ll spend an entire day in the presence of four creative mentors (including the lovely Rin from Papered Thoughts) as they help you learn a wealth of new skills and techniques, in a no-skills required and no-pressure environment.  It’s really just about having fun, getting hands-on and releasing your inner-child.

Unleash Creative Sydney

Not only will you get to meet lots of lovely like-minded folk (cue your newest best friend!), but you’ll also get to take home your completed projects as well as a little goodie bag that might even have a Dailylike treat inside.  Huzzah!

Unleash Creative Sydney

Best described as a creative bootcamp that will set your creative soul alight – could it sound any more fun?  We suggest you jump online and nab yourself some tickets before they sell out!

The Sydney event takes place Sunday, 4 May 2014.  You can purchase tickets here.  Not in Sydney?  Don’t worry, check out their website for other workshop dates and planned events.