6 Winter Craft Ideas

As we enter the last month of Winter, our fingers and hands are well and truly in need of some crafting activities to keep them warm and cozy. So here are six Winter inspired crafts to get you in the mood.

Dailylike Fabric Tape - Paper Clothing

1. Make some cute Winter sweaters to dress up your gifts.

Dailylike Fabric Tape - Decorating Jars

2. Decorated jars of freshly baked treats are always a favourite.

Dailylike Fabric Tape - Snowflake Decorations

3. Brighten up your days with colourful snowflakes to hang in your window.

Dailylike Cotton Fabric - Little Birds

4. Create adorable little fabric birds to remind you that Spring will soon be here!

Dailylike Fabric - DIY Coasters

5. Warm yourself from the inside and stitch up some fabric coasters for your mugs of hot tea.

Dailylike Fabric Stickers - DIY Craft Trees

6. Design your own miniature Winter village, starting with some quick and easy self-standing trees.

So what will you create? Thaw out those fingers and get them working!